AdAlta Limited (ASX:1AD)

Tim Oldham
Market Cap (AUD): 15.71M
Sector: Health Care
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1. About

AdAlta Limited (ASX:1AD) is a clinical stage drug development company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. The Company is using its proprietary i-body technology platform to solve challenging drug targeting problems and generate a promising new class of single domain antibody protein therapeutics. 

AdAlta has pioneered a technology that mimics the shape and stability of a crucial antigen-binding domain, discovered initially in sharks and then developed as a human protein. The result is a range of unique compounds, now known as i-bodies, for use in treating serious diseases.

AdAlta is utilising the power of the i-body technology to create a pipeline of new drugs, with an initial focus on treating fibrotic diseases.

What is an i-body?

An i-body is a unique human protein that combines the advantages of small molecules (for stability) and antibodies (with a high affinity and specificity for treating certain illnesses) in one powerful treatment. The i-body has a unique long loop that can bind to a diverse range of targets meaning that it has wide applicability across many diseases.

AdAltas internal pipeline is focused on GPCRs implicated in fibrotic and inflammatory disease and cancer and its external pipeline is leveraging partner expertise to pursue a wider range of targets and indications.

The Companys first-in-class lead asset, AD-214, is being developed for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and other fibrotic diseases, for which current therapies are sub-optimal. There is a high-unmet medical need for effective treatments. AdAlta is due to commence a human Phase 1 clinical trial for AD-214 in mid-2020.

AdAlta is continuing further discovery and development of the i-body platform, directed towards other disease targets for in-house development or partnering.

Corporate Overview

AdAlta listed on the ASX in August 2016. The Company is led by an experienced management team and Board and is supported by a world class scientific advisory board.

Both AdAltas i-body technology platform and lead asset, AD-214, are protected by a strong portfolio of worldwide granted patents and pending applications.

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