Pointerra Limited (ASX:3DP)

Ian Olson
Market Cap (AUD): 135.56M
Sector: Information Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 0.1925 -0.01 (-3.75%)
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1. About

Pointerra Limited (ASX:3DP) delivers actionable 3D location intelligence to power digital asset management solutions.

Pointerra has built a powerful cloud based solution for turning massive 3D datasets into location intelligence. Pointerra's product is an end-to-end Data as a Service (DaaS), Analytics as a Service (AaaS) and 3D Data Processing as a Service (DPaaS) solution for managing, distributing and visualising massive 3D data sets and solves entrenched costly and inaccurate workflow problems.

By converting raw 3D data into its searchable and highly efficient compressed format, new ways of interacting with 3D data become possible.

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