Pentanet Limited (ASX:5GG)

Stephen Cornish
Market Cap (AUD): 57.02M
Sector: Communication Services
Last Trade (AUD): 0.265 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Pentanet Limited (ASX:5GG) is a Perth-based, growth focused, telco delivering high-speed internet to a growing number of subscribers by providing them with next-generation internet speeds. This is achieved through Pentanet’s market-leading private fixed-wireless network, the largest in Perth, as well as reselling fixed-line services such as NBN where its wireless is not yet available.

Pentanet’s flagship fixed-wireless network has benefits for both customers and investors, offering an outstanding customer experience and a fixed-wireless product that is technically superior to most of the NBN – with attractive margins for investors. This sets Pentanet apart from most broadband providers, which only resell the NBN.

Pentanet will also be part of the rollout of the next wave of subscription-based entertainment services – cloud gaming. The Company’s Alliance Agreement with NVIDIA – one of the world’s largest producers of specialised the graphic chips used in gaming – allows Pentanet to be the first to bring their GeForce NOW technology to Australia.

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