Adbri Limited (ASX:ABC)

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Market Cap (AUD): 1.84B
Sector: Materials
Last Trade (AUD): 2.8 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Adbri Limited (ASX:ABC) is one of Australias leading integrated construction materials and lime producers. The company supplies a range of products to the building, construction, infrastructure and mineral processing markets throughout the country.

Adbri's principal activities include the production, importation, distribution and marketing of clinker, cement, industrial lime, premixed concrete, construction aggregates and concrete products.

Established in 1882, Adbri (formerly Adelaide Brighton) is now an S&P/ASX200 company with approximately 1,500 employees and operations in every state and territory in Australia.


Adbri is the second largest supplier of cement and clinker products in Australia. The company has major production facilities and market leading positions in the resource rich states of South Australia and Western Australia, and is also market leader in the Northern Territory.

In addition to domestic production, the company is the largest importer of cement, clinker and slag. The company's extensive Australian coastal network enables it to supply every capital city on the mainland. It also has significant distribution joint ventures in Victoria and Queensland.


Adbri is the largest producer of lime in Australia, with production plants in South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Lime is an important product for the mineral processing industry in resource rich markets, particularly for the production of alumina and gold, of which Australia is a leading producer.

Concrete and Aggregates

Adbri has a growing presence in the premixed concrete and aggregates industry. Its network extends from South Australia, through Victoria and New South Wales, to south east and northern Queensland and the Northern Territory. Through its own and joint venture operations, the company has strategic reserves of aggregates in a number of regions South Australia, regional Victoria, west of Sydney, regional New South Wales, south east Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Concrete Products

Adbri holds the leading position in the Australian concrete products market, with operations in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania.

Joint ventures and associates

Adbri has a number of significant investments in joint ventures, and associates in construction materials production and distribution. These include:

 Major cement distribution joint ventures in Queensland (Sunstate Cement), Victoria and New South Wales (Independent Cement and Lime)

 Regional concrete and aggregates production and supply in Victoria and New South Wales (Mawson Group and Batesford Quarry)

 A 30% investment in a Malaysian white cement and clinker producer (Aalborg Portland Malaysia) who supplies the Australian market.


Adbri's commitment to sustainable development is demonstrated through a range of initiatives and actions implemented throughout the organisation. The company believes that setting and achieving sustainability objectives is not only environmentally responsible, but economically beneficial as well, assisting its long term competitive business performance.

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