American Pacific Borates Limited (ASX:ABR)

Henri Tausch
Market Cap (AUD): 1.11B
Sector: Materials
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1. About

American Pacific Borates Limited (ASX:ABR) is focused on advancing its 100% owned Fort Cady Borate Project located in Southern California, USA. The Company's ambition is to become a substantial global specialty fertiliser producer.

Fort Cady is a highly rare and large colemanite deposit and is the largest known contained borate occurrence in the world not owned by the two major borate producers Rio Tinto and Eti Maden. In excess of US$60m has been spent at Fort Cady, including resource drilling, metallurgical test works, well injection tests, permitting activities and substantial pilot- scale test works.

American Pacific Borates expects the Fort Cady Borate Project can quickly be advanced to construction ready status due to the large amount of historical drilling, downhole geophysics, metallurgical test work, pilot plant operations and feasibility studies completed from the 1980s to early 2000s.

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