Australian Finance Group Ltd (ASX:AFG)

David Bailey
Market Cap (AUD): 414.46M
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 1.53 -0.01 (-0.65%)
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1. About

AFG (ASX:AFG) was established in 1994 and has grown to become one of Australia’s largest mortgage broking groups and leaders in financial solutions.

AFG began as an aggregator – that is, a company which provides mortgage brokers with access to products and support – in Perth, Western Australia.

The Company has diversified beyond mortgage aggregation and offers business finance, insurance products, and AFG-branded and securitised products throughout Australia.

With around 2,975 finance brokers around the country, AFG is one of the largest mortgage provider companies in Australia. Brokers with AFG have the ability to offer their customers a choice of over 3,800+ finance products from a range of Australia’s lenders.

Each month AFG brokers will help around 7,500 Australians get the right loan for their home. Doing this for as long and for as well as we have has allowed us to watch the AFG loan book grow to around $140 billion dollars.

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