AML3D Limited (ASX:AL3)

Andrew Sales
Market Cap (AUD): 13.69M
Sector: Industrials
Last Trade (AUD): 0.091 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

AML3D Limited (ASX:AL3) was established to commercialise WAM® (Wire Additive Manufacturing), an emerging innovative metal additive manufacturing technology for the cost-effective production of large, high performance metal components and structures.

The company combines a deep understanding of state of the art welding science, robotics technology, metallurgy and CAD software design to produce an automated 3D printing system operating in a freeform environment. This enables fast and efficient manufacture of components and structures, which are more cost-effective and have increased strength compared to traditional casting, forging or fabrication.

Building on the company’s unique expertise, achievements and continued relationships with Universities and scientific organisations (CSIRO & ANSTO), AML3D Limited has further upgraded the manufacturing service bureau headquartered in Adelaide. It still remains the only metals diversified large-scale WAM® production facility in the Southern Hemisphere and is capable of producing finished parts and components to a certified standard under an accredited Quality Management System.


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