Ardent Leisure Group Limited (ASX:ALG)

Gary Weiss
Non-Exec Chair
Market Cap (AUD): 609.23M
Sector: Consumer Discretionary
Last Trade (AUD): 1.26 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Ardent Leisure Group Limited (ASX:ALG) is one of Australia's most successful leisure and entertainment groups. 

The owners and operators of premium leisure assets including Dreamworld, WhiteWater World & SkyPoint theme parks and attractions, as well as Main Event, which is a growing portfolio of family entertainment assets in the United States.

Ardent Leisure's businesses occupy dominant positions in affordable, family-friendly, leisure and entertainment categories.

As a group, Ardent Leisure has well over 3 million customers annually and has developed extensive communication opportunities to interact and transact with these customers.

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