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Change in Substantial Holding

604 Page 1 of 3 15 July 2001 Form 604 Corporations Act 2001 Section 671B Notice of change of interests of substantial holder To Company Name/Scheme ALCHEMY RESOURCES L IMITED ACN/ARSN 122 444 122 1. Details of substantial holder (1) Name LINDSAY GEORGE DUDFIELD ACN/ARSN (if appli cable) There was a change in the interests of the substantial holder on 22 / 11 / 2021 The previous notice was given to the company on 24 / 07 / 2018 The previous notice was d ated 24 / 07 / 2018 2. Previous and present voting power The total number of votes attached to all the voting shares in the company or voting interests in the scheme that the substantial holder or an associate (2) h ad a relevant interest (3) in when last required, and when now required, to give a substantial holding notice to the company or scheme, are as follows: Class of securities (4) Previous notice Present notice Per son’s votes Voting power (5) Person’s vot es Voting power (5) O r dinary Fully Paid Shares (Ord) 37,962,583 8.62% 60 ,880,611 6.39 % 3. Changes in relevant interests Particulars of each change in, or change in the nature of, a relevant interest of the substantial holder or an associate in voting securities of the company or scheme, since the substantial holder was last required t o give a substantial holding notice to the company or scheme are as fol lows : Date of change Person whose relevant interest changed Nature of change (6) Consideration given in relation to change (7) Class and number of securities affected Person's vote s affected 19/12/18 - 27/12/18 Jop an Management Pty L td On market p urchases (x 3) $12,902 990,168 Ord 25/ 2/19 & 26/ 2/19 Jopan Management Pty Ltd On market sales (x 2) ( $16,460 ) (1,000,000 Ord) 16/ 9 / 19 L G Dudfield L G & Y SD Dudfie ld  YSD Dudfield Jopan Management Pty Ltd Non - renounceable rights issue $120 $2,102 $4 , 01 2 $107,60 7 10,000 175,168 334,303 8,967,219 604 Page 2 of 3 15 July 2001 11/09/20 LG Dud field LG & YSD D u dfield  YSD Dudfield Jopan Manage ment Pty L td Non - re noun c eable rights issue $75 $1,323 $2,507 $67,254 5,000 88,183 167,151 4,483,608 4. Present relevant interests Particulars of each relevant interest of the substantial holder in voting securities after the change are as follows: Holder of r elevant interest Registered holder of securities Person entitled to be registered as holder (8) Nature of relevant interest (6) Class and number of securities Person's votes LG Dud field L G Dudfield LG Dudfield 64,166 0.01 % LG & YSD Dudfield  L G & YSD D udfield  LG & YSD Dudfield  57,539,647 6.04% YSD Dudfield Jopan Management Pty Ltd YSD Dudfield Jopan Mana gement Pty L t d YSD Dudfield J opan Management Pty Ltd 1,131,690 2,145,108 0.12% 0.23% 5. Changes in association The persons who have become associates (2) of, ceased to be associates of, or have changed the nature of their association (9) with, the substantial holder in relation to voting interests in the co mpany or scheme are as follows: Name and ACN/ARSN (if applicable) Nature of association 6. Addresses The addresses of persons named in this form are as follows: Name A ddress LG Dud field, LG Dudfield PF PO Box 302, Claremont WA 6910 YSD Du dfield, Jopan Management Pty Ltd PO Box 302, Clare mont WA 6910 Signature print name Lindsay Dudfield capacity sign here date / / DIRECTIO NS 26 11 21 ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 604 Page 3 of 3 15 July 2001 (1) If there are a number of substantial holders with similar or related relevant interests (eg. a corporation and its related co rporations, or the manager and trustee of an equity trust), the names could be included in an annexure to the f orm. If th e relevant interests of a group of persons are essentially similar, they may be referred to throughout the form as a specifically named group if the membership of each group, with the names and addresses of members is clearly set out in paragraph 6 of the form. (2) See the definition of "associate" in section 9 of the Corporations Act 2001. (3) See the definition of "relevant interest" in sections 608 and 671B(7) of the Corporations Act 2001. (4) The voting shares of a company constitute o ne class u nless divided into separate classes. (5) The person's votes divided by the total votes in the body corporate or scheme multiplied by 100. (6) Include details of: (a) any relevant agreement or other circumstances because of which the cha nge in rel evant interest occurred. If subsection 671B(4) applies, a copy of any document setting out the terms of any relevant agreement, and a statement by the person giving full an d accurate details of any contract, scheme or arrangement, must accompany this form, together with a written statement certifying this contract, scheme or arrangement; and (b) any qualification of the power of a person to exercise, control the exercise of, or influence the exercise of, the voting pow ers or disposal of the sec urities to which the relevant interest relates (indicating clearly the particular securities to which the qualification applies). See the definition of "relevant agreement" in section 9 of the Corporations Act 2001. (7) Details of the consideration mu st include any and all benefits, money and other, that any person from whom a relevant interest was acquired has, or may, become entitled to receive in relation to that acquisition. Details must be included even if the benefit is cond itional on the happeni ng or not of a contingency. Details must be included of any benefit paid on behalf of the substantial holder or its associate in relati on to the acquisitions, even if they are not paid directly to the person from whom the relevant interest was acquired. (8) If th e substantial holder is unable to determine the identity of the person (eg. if the relevant interest arises because of an opt ion) write "unknown". (9) Give details, if appropriate, of the present association and any change in that association s ince the l ast substantial holding notice.

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