Rob Wheals
Market Cap (AUD): 12.42B
Sector: Utilities
Last Trade (AUD): 10.64 +0.11 (+1.04%)
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1. About

APA is a leading Australian energy infrastructure business. It owns and/or operates in excess of $20 Bn of energy infrastructure assets across Australia, and operates these with a skilled workforce of in excess of 1,700 people. APA has a diverse portfolio of over 15,000 kilometres of gas transmission pipelines that span every state and territory on mainland Australia and delivers about half the nation’s natural gas. It also owns or has interests in other related energy infrastructure assets such as gas storage facilities, gas processing facilities, gas compression facilities, and renewable and gas-fired power generation assets. APA has ownership interests in, and/or operates, GDI (EII) Pty Ltd (GDI) and Australian Gas Networks Limited gas distribution networks, which together own ~28,600 kilometres of gas mains and pipelines, and almost 1.4 million gas consumer connections.

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