Aroa Biosurgery Limited (ASX:ARX)

Brian Ward
Market Cap (AUD): 219.34M
Sector: Health Care
Last Trade (AUD): 0.66 +0.02 (+3.13%)
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1. About

Aroa Biosurgery Limited (ASX:ARX) is a soft tissue regeneration company focused on improving the rate and quality of healing in complex wounds and soft tissue reconstruction. The company makes a meaningful impact for patients, surgeons and clinicians by delivering high quality, simple to use products that significantly improve healing outcomes. Aroa strives to ensure its products are widely accessible, affordable and change the standard of care for many patients.

Endoform acts as a scaffold to grow new tissue, lost or damaged through disease or injury. Cells grow into the endoderm matrix to build new tissue and re-establish a blood supply. When Endoform’s job is done, it is completely replaced by the patient’s new tissue.

Endoform allows healthcare providers to move beyond managing the symptoms to addressing the underlying healing constraints and unlocking the patient’s intrinsic capacity to heal.

Endoform technology offers superior regenerative performance at a significantly lower cost than other biologics enabling more patients to have access to the benefits of regenerative healing.

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