The Agency Group Australia (ASX:AU1)

Paul Niardone
Market Cap (AUD): 23.14M
Sector: Real Estate
Last Trade (AUD): 0.054 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

The Agency Group Australia Ltd (ASX:AU1) is one of Australia's fastest growing integrated real estate services companies.

Since listing on the ASX, the Company has established a national presence across key metropolitan markets in Australia led by an industry-leading management team

The Agency Group today has built a fully serviced real estate firm creating an organisation designed to scale

The Company dual property sales business model, offering both premium full serive and independant brand offering underpins its strategy to reach leadership across Australia in terms of agent market share

Integrated services, from property sales, property management and ancillary services provides the company with cross-sell opportunities, capturing revenue across the value chain

The traditional landscape of the real estate agency offering in the current economic environment provides great opportunities for The Agency Group to bring further consolidation to the industry

The Agency has a unique, scalable business model, disrupting the real estate services industry by returning value, previously given to franchisees and offices, to agents and shareholders. The Agency's offering in the market continues to expand its agent network by recruiting the industry's top talents and establishing market leadership based on property transaction volumes across Australia.

The Agency Group is comprised of three service categories, including property sales, property management and ancillary services.

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