AVJennings (ASX:AVJ)

Philip Kearns
Market Cap (AUD): 209.21M
Sector: Real Estate
Last Trade (AUD): 0.5 -0.01 (-2.91%)
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1. About

AVJennings Limited (ASX:AVJ) is a leading residential property development company with a name that continues to be one of the most recognised housing brands in Australia. It is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and Singapore Exchange (SGX) through SGX Globalquote.

The business has been part of the Australian landscape for over 80 years. It was founded in Melbourne in 1932 by Sir Albert Victor Jennings. Sir Albert believed in the "Australian dream" of a better life through home ownership, and he helped make it a reality for thousands of people. However, he didnt just build houses, he built communities - something AVJennings still continues to do today, by creating communities people want to belong to and grow with.

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