TechKnow Conference Dec 200 Research & Prototype Foundry Archer operates in, Sydney, Australia. The material contained in this document is a presentation of general information about the activities of Archer Materials Ltd and its related bodies corporate (together the “Archer Group”), current as at the date of this presentation . It is provided in summary and does not purport to be complete . You should not rely upon it as advice for investment purposes, as it does not take into account your investment objectives, financial position or needs . These factors should be considered, with or without professional advice, when deciding if an investment is appropriate . To the extent permitted by law, no responsibility for any loss arising in any way (including by way of negligence) from anyone acting or refraining from acting as a result of this material is accepted by the Archer Group, including any of its related bodies corporate . This document may contain forward - looking statements with respect to the financial condition, results of operations, and business strategy of the Archer Group . These forward - looking statements are based on estimates, projections and assumptions made by the Archer Group about circumstances and events that have not yet taken place . Although the Archer Group believes the forward - looking statements to be reasonable, they are not certain . Forward - looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that are in some cases beyond the Archer Group’s control, and which may cause actual results, performance or achievements to differ materially from those expressed or implied by the forward - looking statements (and from past results) . The Archer Group makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of any forward - looking statements in this presentation and undue reliance should not be placed upon such statements . Forward - looking statements may be identified by words such as “aim”, “anticipate”, “assume”, “continue”, “could”, “estimate”, “expect”, “intend”, “may”, “plan”, “predict”, “should”, “will”, or “would” or the negative of such terms or other similar expressions that are predictions of or otherwise indicate future events or trends . The forward - looking statements included in this presentation speak only as of the date of this presentation . The Archer Group does not intend to update the forward - looking statements in this presentation in the future . This presentation contains information which was reported in ASX announcements lodged between 1 October 2017 and 23 November 2021 (together the “Announcements”) . All material assumptions and technical parameters set out in the Announcements continue to apply and have not materially changed . The Announcements can be viewed online at https : //www . archerx . com . au . Certain statistical and other information included in this presentation is sourced from publicly available third party sources and has not been independently verified . 2 / Disclaimer 3 4 ARCHER IS ONE OF A FEW COMPANIES IN THE WORLD DEVELOPING A QUANTUM COMPUTING PROCESSOR 5 Archer is a technology company that is developing advanced semiconductor devices, including chips relevant to quantum computing and medical diagnostics. Archer is long - term value driven and creates maximum value by: + Progressing its technology development, including its 12 CQ quantum computing processor chip (“ 12 CQ chip”) and graphene - based biosensor chip (“biochip”). + Utilising Tier 1 tech development infrastructure and facilities, R&D, people and IP, to support pre - market development. + Protecting key intellectual property assets ( e.g. patents and patent applications) with global competitive advantages. + Applying a business model that values partnerships, as a key player † in global networks coordinated by large companies. Archer staff, affiliates, materials, technology, and laboratories. / Archer: A Pure - play Deep Tech Company † https:// /articles/s42254 - 020 - 00247 - 5; also https:// /quantum - computing/network/members/ On - chip components of a qubit control device, with features ten times smaller than the width of a human hair. 6 / Company Strategy in Action Share Price As of 22 November 2021. 7 ARCHER IS DEVELOPING ADVANCED SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES 8 / Era of Quantum Computing Value for investors in the quantum computing economy is expected to increase as quantum hardware is developed † : + The Australian Government’s Blueprint and Action Plan for Critical Technologies sets a national vision & strategy for critical technologies, including quantum technology ‡ . + The CSIRO § reported Australian quantum tech could create A$4 billion revenue and 16,000 new jobs by 2040. + The US National Quantum Initiative Act was signed into US law on Dec 21, 2018* with the US planning to invest US$170+ billion on advanced tech**. + The International Roadmap for Devices and Systems lists Quantum Computing a key tech in the ‘post - Moore’ era ? . Archer staff using advanced instrumentation to perform quantum measurements and testing, in Sydney, Australia. † https:// / en - au/publications/2019/quantum - computers - create - value - when.aspx ‡ - centre/domestic - policy/blueprint - critical - technologies and https:// /resource - centre/domestic - policy/action - plan - critical - technologies § https:// / en /work - with - us/services/consultancy - strategic - advice - services/ csiro - futures/futures - reports/quantum * - congress/house - bill/6227 ** https:// /bill/117th - congress/senate - bill/1260 ? https:// /wiki/ International_Roadmap_for_Devices_and_Systems 9 / Archer’s Unique Technological Advantage In - depth analysis: - au/publications/2021/building - quantum - advantage More information, by Dr M. Choucair, Mar 26 2021: https:// /blogs/ ibm - anz /why - quantum - deserves - your - attention/ + Require ultra - low temperatures and infrastructure to operate. Accessed via the cloud. e.g. Superconductor, silicon, topological. + Operate at room temperature but are difficult to integrate into modern devices. Installed on - site. e.g. Photonic, ion - traps, diamond. + QPMDs will require practical qubit processors that integrate into modern devices. e.g. 12 CQ chip development. Cloud - based Edge and/or Cloud - based Quantum Powered Mobile Devices 10 / Global Partnerships As COVID - 19 travel restrictions begin to ease, Archer’s focus into the year includes developing existing partnerships and to create new strategic partnerships: + The Company is exploring access to world - class institutional deep - tech infrastructure and resources in North America to grow its capability in quantum computing hardware development. + The Archer team has recently visited Canadian institutes, including Institut Quantique - Université de Sherbrooke, housing an IBM Quantum Hub, and Polytechnique Montréal, University of Waterloo, and McGill University. + Archer is expanding its team to include expertise in semiconductor device fabrication, nanotech, quantum theory, and advanced materials engineering, to develop its technologies and grow its IP. Archer staff in Canada exploring access to world - class deep tech infrastructure to develop, build and test 12 CQ chip devices. 11 / Quantum Ecosystem Engagement † Practical Quantum Computing Conference: Santa Clara Valley at dusk as seen from Lick Observatory in Mount Hamilton, California, USA. Licenced image. The Company considers the US a critical strategic jurisdiction to protect and potentially commercialise its IP, with initial efforts by Archer focused on participating in the US technology economy: + Archer’s CEO and Quantum Technology Manager will engage with members of the international quantum computing community at the in - person Q2B event in Silicon Valley, 7 - 9 Dec 2021 † . + The Q2B conference will allow Archer to engage with industry speakers, obtain industry and government market outlooks, and for significant networking opportunities. + The CEO and QTM will meet representatives of a number of partners and other leaders in the quantum field, in - line with Company strategy to identify opportunities to expand Archer’s development in North America. 12 World - class qubit control testing and measurement facilities the Archer team is inspecting at a Canadian quantum tech institute. / Record Setting Innovation † References:;;;; https:// /10.1016/j.carbon.2014.03.046 13 ASX Code: AXE ACN: 123 993 233 The Board of Archer authorised this announcement to be given to ASX. 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