Beforepay Group Limited (ASX:B4P)

James Twiss
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1. About

Beforepay Group Limited (ASX:B4P) considers itself as a leading provider of Pay on Demand services in Australia. 

Beforepay delivers its services via both mobile and web-based applications which sync with customers bank accounts and enables them access to a portion of their next pay on demand, make repayments with a degree of flexibility and get access to a suite of budgeting and financial awareness tools. Beforepays applications are underpinned by a proprietary technology platform and credit engine.

Pay on Demand is a relatively new concept that has been experiencing rapid growth as customers seek a more flexible and transparent way to manage their personal finances. Companies operating in the Pay on Demand sector provide support to individuals to manage their monthly cashflow by providing immediate access to a proportion of their upcoming pay which can be used for any purpose. 

At present, Beforepays product offering and customer base are limited to Australia.

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