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Corporate Presentation

25 November 2021 ASX:BCI www.bciminerals.com.au Developing the Multi - Generational Mardie Salt & Potash Project Corporate Presentation Alwyn Vorster Managing Director 2 Important Notices Not an Offer of Securities This document has been prepared by BCI Minerals Limited ABN 21 120 646 924 (“BCI”) and is provided for information purposes only . This document does not constitute or contain an offer, invitation solicitation or recommendation with respect to the purchase or sale of any security in BCI . This document is not a prospectus, product disclosure statement or other offering document under Australian law or any other law, and will not be lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and may not be relied upon by any person in connection with an offer or sale of BCI securities . Not financial product advice This document is not financial product advice and does not take into account the investment objectives, , taxation situation, financial situation or needs of individuals . Before making an investment decision investors should consider the appropriateness of the information, and any action taken on the basis of the information, having regard to their own objectives, financial situation and needs, and seek legal, taxation and financial advice appropriate to their jurisdiction and circumstances . Summary Information Only ; Material Assumptions Continue to Apply This document contains a summary of information about BCI and the Mardie Project’s feasibility study that is current as at the date of this document unless otherwise stated, the information in this document is general in nature and does not contain all the information which a prospective investor may require in evaluating a possible investment in BCI or that would be required in a prospectus or a product disclosure statement prepared in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001 ( Cth ) (“Corporations Act”) or the securities laws of any other jurisdiction . It should be read solely in conjunction with the information provided to ASX . For further information regarding BCI’s feasibility study and subsequent optimisation results, recipients should refer to BCI’s ASX announcement titled “Feasibility Study Confirms World Class Opportunity” dated 1 July 2020 and “Mardie Optimisation Results : Increased Production and Improved Economics” dated 21 April 2021 . BCI confirms that all material assumptions and technical parameters that underpin the production targets and forecast financial information in those announcements continue to apply (as applicable) and have not materially changed unless otherwise disclosed in this Presentation . No Liability The information contained in this document has been prepared in good faith by BCI . However no guarantee, representation or warranty expressed or implied is or will be made by any person (including BCI and its affiliates and their directors, officers, employees, associates, advisers and agents) as to the accuracy, reliability, correctness, completeness or adequacy of any statements, estimates, options, conclusions or other information contained in this document . To the maximum extent permitted by law, BCI and its affiliates and their directors, officers employees, associates, advisers and agents each expressly disclaims any and all liability, including, without limitation, any liability arising out of fault or negligence, for any loss arising from the use of or reliance on information contained in this document including representations or warranties or in relation to the accuracy or completeness of the information, statements, opinions, forecasts, reports or other matters, express or implied, contained in, arising out of or derived from, or for omissions from, this document including, without limitation, any financial information, any estimates or projections and any other financial information derived therefrom . Statements in this document are made only as of the date of this document unless otherwise stated and the information in this document remains subject to change without notice . No responsibility or liability is assumed by BCI or any of its affiliates for updating any information in this document or to inform any recipient of any new or more accurate information or any errors or omissions of which BCI and any of its affiliates or advisers may become aware, except as required by the Corporations Act . Forward - Looking Statements This document contains forward - looking statements . These forward - looking statements are based on BCI’s current expectations and beliefs concerning future events at the date of this document, and are expressed in good faith for general guide only and should not be relied upon as an indication or guarantee of future performance . BCI believes it has reasonable grounds for making the forward - looking statements . However, forward - looking statements relate to future events and expectations and as such are subject to known and unknown risks, and significant uncertainties and other factors, many of which are outside the control of BCI . Actual results may differ materially from future results expressed or implied by such forward - looking statements . None of BCI, its affiliates or their directors, officers, employees, associates, advisers, agents or contractors makes any representation or warranty (either expressed or implied) as to the accuracy or likelihood of fulfilment of any future looking statement, or any events or results expressed or implied in any forward looking statement, except to the extent required by law . You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on any forward looking statement . The forward looking statements in this document reflect views held only as at the date of this document . Other than as required by law, including the ASX Listing Rules, BCI does not undertake or assume any obligation to update or revise any forward - looking statement contained in this document . JORC Code – Mardie Salt and SOP Project The Mardie Project aims to produce salt and SOP from a seawater resource, which is abundant, inexhaustible, readily accessible and has a known and consistent chemical composition . The Australian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves 2012 Edition (“JORC Code”) does not apply to a project of this nature and, accordingly, JORC Ore Reserves and Mineral Resources are not reported . JORC Code – Iron Valley Reference should be made to BCI announcement dated 12 October 2021 “Iron Valley Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves” . BCI confirms it is not aware of any new information or data that materially affects the information included and all material assumptions and technical parameters underpinning the estimates continue to apply and have not materially changed . Risks An investment in BCI is subject to investment and other known and unknown risks, some of which are beyond the control of BCI . Acceptance By attending an investor presentation or briefing, or accepting, accessing or viewing this document you acknowledge and agree to the “Important Notices" as set out above . 3 BCI Overview IRON VALLEY ROYALTIES MARDIE SALT & POTASH PROJECT ~$270M market cap 1 ~$106M cash and zero debt 2 1 Based on 599.96M shares (pre - raise) at $0.455 per share closing price as at 24 November 2021 2 Cash balance at 16 November 2021 -50% 0% 50% 100% 150% Performance BCI Share Price ($/sh) Iron Ore Price BCI SHARE PRICE vs IRON ORE PRICE -60% 0% 60% 120% 180% Performance Last 12 Months BCI S&P ASX300 BCI SHARE PRICE vs ASX 300 Last 12 Months 4 FY21 GROUP FINANCIALS BCI Results in Numbers $160.5M REVENUE 108% ? on FY20 $28.9M EBITDA 248% ? on FY20 FY21 IRON VALLEY HEALTH & SAFETY $22.0M NPAT 5,400% ? on FY20 $69.5M EBITDA 202% ? on FY20 >6 Years without Lost Time Injury (LTI) 1Q FY22 IRON VALLEY $17.1M EBITDA 140% ? on 1Q FY21 5 A Year of Milestones Mardie FID after significant project de - risking over several years Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec 2021 OPTIMISED FEASIBILITY STUDY FID $360M EQUITY FUNDING ANNOUNCED SALT AND SOP PILOT PLANTS VILLAGE EXPANSION (200 ROOMS) $740M DEBT FUNDING MINISTERIAL APPROVAL RECORD IRON VALLEY EARNINGS ROADS, TELECOMS, FUEL NORTHERN EMBANKMENT TRIAL SOUTHERN TRIAL POND INDEPENDENT EXPERT REPORTS EARLY CONSTRUCTION WORKS 6 Salt and Potash Markets 7 Why Salt and SOP? ASIAN DEMAND SOP 2 ? Premium fertiliser used on high value crops ? Global market size of ~7Mtpa (annual value of US$3.5B) SALT ? >10,000 products derived from salt (PVC, alumina, glass, paper, water purification) ? Asian market size of 160Mtpa salt (annual value of US$6.5B) Strong growth in Mardie’s target markets >50Mt additional annual demand over next decade 1 – (growing population, requiring more industrial and consumer products) ~1Mt additional annual demand over next decade 3 – (growing population, changing dietary habits and declining arable land) ~35% +20% GLOBAL DEMAND 1 Asian forecast demand as reported by Roskill (July 2021); Forecast contestable Asian market demand growth of 29Mtpa by 2030 2 Sulphate of Potash fertiliser (K 2 SO 4 or Potassium Sulphate) 3 Global demand as reported by Argus Consulting (July 2021) 8 Salt and SOP Price Strength SALT ? 15 - year pricing from ~US$35/t to ~US$75/t delivered 1 in Asia ? Delivered salt price in China has increased by ~30% in the first half of 2021 1 ? Mardie forecast (60 - year average, $ real): ~US$50/t CFR 3,5 SOP ? 10 - year pricing from ~US$450/t to ~US$800/t NW Europe (FOB) ? SOP (granular) price landed in Australia currently >US$800/t CFR 5 ? Mardie forecast (60 - year average, $ real): US$573/t FOB 3 (at least 20% lower than current price for standard granular) Salt and SOP Prices driven by strong demand and limited new supply 400 450 500 550 600 650 700 750 800 850 Jan-20 Apr-20 Jul-20 Oct-20 Jan-21 Apr-21 Jul-21 Oct-21 US$/t, FOB SOP Price 4 30 40 50 60 70 Jan-20 Apr-20 Jul-20 Oct-20 Jan-21 Apr-21 Jul-21 Oct-21 US$/t, CFR Australian Imported Salt into China 1,2 1 Salt Price data from ITC Trademap to July 2021 on CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) basis; 30% includes China ITC Trademap data only, does not include BCI intelligence 2 Price data from July 2021 based on BCI discussions with end - users 3 Refer slide 15 for assumptions used in forecasts 4 SOP Price is NW Europe standard grade (50%), Free on Board (FOB) 5 Cost and Freight (CFR) +50% +30% 9 Mardie Salt & Potash Project 10 Mardie: ideal location to produce high - purity salt and SOP Australian Salt & SOP Landscape ? Pilbara has ideal climate to produce high purity salt – High temperature, high wind, low rainfall, low humidity – Proven salt production region since the 1960’s ? Five large WA Solar Salt Operations (11 - 13Mtpa 1 ) – Controlled by Rio Tinto and Mitsui – No new large Australian salt project in 20 years SOP production in Australia in its infancy 2 : – Other projects all based on inland lake brines and >700km by road transport to third party ports ? Mardie Salt and SOP Project: – Only Australian project with commercial salt and SOP from seawater Evaporation Ponds Western Australia – Salt and SOP Projects 1 Based on Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) WA Government Commodity Data (available: https://www.dmp .wa .gov.au/About - Us - Careers/Latest - Statistics - Release - 4081.aspx) 2 Kalium Lakes (KLL - ASX) currently in commissioning phase at its Beyondie SOP project 11 Mardie Scale will be Globally Significant PROJECT FOOTPRINT VS SYDNEY/PERTH 1 Roskill (November 2020) Top 3 scale global solar salt project 1 Fremantle Airport Fremantle to Perth Airport Parramatta Sydney Manly Sydney Heads to Parramatta Perth 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Lake Macleod [WA] Lantai Industrial Salt [China] Sino-Salt Xinjiang [China] Qinghai Salt Lake Industry [China] Port Hedland [WA] Jilantai Salt Chemical [China] Hub-Pak [Pakistan] Dampier [WA] Mardie Salt/SOP Project [WA] Hajipir [India] Guerrero Negro [Mexico] Salt Capacity (Mtpa) 5.3Mtpa Salt 12 PORT ? 2.4km steel trestle jetty with conveyor ? 4.4km dredged channel SHIPPING ? 12,000t self - propelled transhipment vessel ? Ships u p to 160kt anchored 28km offshore Largest salt project in Australia – fully integrated with port Mardie Project Design SITE CONDITIONS ? >100km 2 clay soils – ideal pond floor ? High net evaporation rates (~10mm/day) PRODUCTION ? 9 evaporation ponds ? 42 salt and 20 SOP crystallisers ? Salt wash plant - 5.35Mtpa >99.5% NaCl ? SOP process plant - 140ktpa >52% K 2 O (granular) Pond 1 Pond 1 Pond 2 Pond 2 Pond 3 Pond 4 Pond 5 Pond 6 Pond 7 Pond 8 Pond 9 Primary Seawater Intake North - South Road Village Secondary Salt Crystallisers KTMS Crystallisers Jetty Salt Plant & Stockyard SOP Plant Port Access Road Primary Salt Crystallisers PROJECT LAYOUT 13 >$60M of enabling construction works last 12 - months to derisk Project Early Construction Progress NORTHERN EMBANKMENT TRIAL ACCOMMODATION VILLAGE SALT PILOT PLANT 14 >$350M Contracts Tendered 2. SALT WASH PLANT 1. MAIN SEAWATER PUMP STATION 3. SOP PROCESS PLANT 4. PORT / TRANSHIPPER >60% of capital cost to be delivered via fixed price contracting model 1 1 Planned lump sum packages include those awarded under Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Design and Construct ( D&C ) contracts, which are subject to assumptions which may vary. Some packages have not completed a tender process, which may vary contractual features. 15 Annuity - style cash flow >60 years 1 with material upside Strong Financial Metrics 1 With upside based on an inexhaustible seawater resource and obtaining additional approvals 2 All - in sustaining opex 3 Roskill (July 2021) CIF price forecast less Braemar long term freight forecast (June 2020) 4 FX: 0.70 5 Argus (July 2021) price forecast 6 Pre - tax, ungeared, real ? A$789M direct ? A$165M indirect & contingency CAPITAL COST (A$954M real) ? Salt A$21.50/t FOB 2 ? SOP A$337/t FOB 2 OPERATING COST ( 60 year average, real) ? Salt: US$39/t FOB 3 (A$55/t 4 ) – ~60% margin ? SOP: US$573/t FOB 5 (A$819/t 4 ) – ~60% margin PRICE ( 60 year average) ? NPV: A$1,561M ? EBITDA: A$256Mpa (Salt ~72%; SOP ~28%) ? IRR: 15.5% ? 60 - year Cumulative Cashflow: >A$13B FINANCIALS 6 16 Mardie will be a low - cost supplier of salt into contestable 1 Asian market Salt Cost Curve – Contestable Market ? Mexican solar salt and Chinese rock salt the marginal cost suppliers to most Asian markets (~US$35/t) ? Mardie will be cost competitive with all Australian salt operations 2 ? When SOP margin treated as a by - product credit, Mardie becomes one of the lowest cost salt producers 1 Cost curve limited to contestable market where the Mardie project is expected to compete on delivered cost and quality, inclu din g coastal China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and South East Asia 2 Roskill (December 2020), BCI analysis Shandong Solar Tianjin Solar Chinese Rock 1st Tier Australia 1 - 2 Australia 3 - 4 India Ist Tier Australia 5 India 2nd Tier Chinese Rock 2nd Tier Mexican India 3rd Tier Chile Chinese Rock 3rd Tier Other 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 CIF eq. Cost (US$/t) Cumulative Capacity (Mt) Mardie with SOP Credit MARGINAL COST Mardie Salt Only 17 Up to $360M of new equity and Convertible Notes to be issued 1 ? Forms part of BCI’s $460M total equity contribution to the Mardie Project, subject to shareholder approvals ? Additional to the recently secured $740M of Mardie Project debt 2 Funding for Development and Ramp - up 1 Subject to the conditions of draw 2 All facilities remain conditional on formal documentation, securing required tenure & approvals, equity funding, offtake arra nge ments, and other customary conditions precedent . 3 Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility 4 Export Finance Australia 5 Aligned with the Asia Pacific Loan Markets Associations’ and Loan Market Association’s Green Loan Principles. 6 Total contribution prior to first Project Debt drawdown subject to future earnings performance of Iron Valley and Corporate d ebt facility under negotiation . 62% Cash, Earnings & Corporate Debt $100M 6 BCI Minerals Limited Mardie Salt & Potash Project Total funding up to ~$1.2 billion NAIF 3 $490M EFA 4 $110M Banks $140M 5 Banks Support Facilities $170M 5 $740M Up to $ 460M 38% Con Notes Series 2&3 up to $100M Placement up to $240M SPP $20M+ 18 Positive Stakeholder & Approval Progress Native title agreements in place; Approvals and tenure advanced GOVERNMENT ? NAIF loan of $490M approved 1 – largest in WA ? EFA loan of $110M approved 1 ? Efficient WA Government facilitation across agencies ENVIRONMENT ? Ministerial Statement approving project implementation (DFS 2 footprint) ? Secondary approvals expected within statutory period ? Approvals for optimisation and expansion footprint during 2022 NATIVE TITLE & HERITAGE ? Key Native Title agreements in place ? Port indigenous land use agreement (ILUA) finalised TENURE ? Pastoral Access Agreement executed ? Gas pipeline access agreements substantially progressed ? Port reserve creation underway; Port lease documents being negotiated with Pilbara Ports Authority (PPA) 1 Refer to ASX Announcement dated 15 October 2021 titled ‘$740M Mardie Project Debt Funding Secured’. 2 Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) 19 A multigenerational project with significant environmental and stakeholder benefits Sustainability Focus 1 60 - year period based on OFS – refer ASX Announcement dated 21 April 2021 titled ‘Mardie Optimisation Results: Increased Producti on and Improved Economics’ 2 KPMG Energy Report (March 2020) 1. HARNESS RENEWABLE RESOURCES ? Inexhaustible seawater resource ? Hybrid power solutions 2. MITIGATE CLIMATE CHANGE ? 99% of energy derived from solar and wind 3.MAXIMISE VALUE, MINIMISE WASTE ? Australian first to produce SOP fertiliser from seawater using salt circuit waste ? No landscape scarring, no mine pits, no waste dumps and no large - scale dewatering 4. PROMOTE COMMUNITY PROSPERITY ? Karratha office established; encourage regional living ? 500 construction jobs and 220 ongoing operating jobs ? Taxes & Royalties: >$9Bn 1 ? Local and indigenous contracting prioritised 5. PROVIDE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT ? More than 6 - years LTI free workplace ? Well planned site accommodation supporting livability, security and mental health 20 H1 | H2 Q1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4 Indicative Project Schedule FIRST SALT ON SHIP FIRST SOP ON SHIP Q1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4 Q1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4 Q1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4 H1 | H2 MAIN CONSTRUCTION START 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 PONDS CRYSTALLISERS GROW SALT INVENTORY SALT PLANT GROW SOP INVENTORY SOP PLANT PORT 1 Based on plans as outlined in Definitive Feasibility Study, Optimised Feasibility Study approvals during 2022 ; 2 Final Investment Decision EQUITY CONTRIBUTION DEBT PERIOD OFFTAKE CONTRACTS NEGOTIATED 2026 FID 2 Early Works; Approvals 1 Funding 21 Mardie will become a Tier 1 Project Large scale, low cost and long operating life ? $360M successful capital raising ? Strong support from cornerstone investors Wroxby , AustralianSuper and Ryder ? $600M Government funding via NAIF, EFA 1 ? $310M Green Commercial Facilities STRONG STAKEHOLDER SUPPORT ? Largest Australian salt project ? 3rd largest globally ? 60+ year life 2 ? Expansion potential ? High purity salt (>99.5% NaCl) ? Premium SOP fertiliser (>52% K 2 O) ? Strong growth in Asian salt and global SOP markets ? Robust Salt & SOP price increases during 2021 ? 60+ year life 2 ? Seawater is an inexhaustible resource ? 99% of energy from wind and sun 3 ? Secondary processing of waste brines to produce SOP ? Lowest quartile salt operating cost (incl. SOP credits) ? Ability to ship large vessels provides cost advantage ? ~$13Bn cashflow 4 over 60 years 2 ? Long term annuity of ~$250Mpa EBITDA LARGE SCALE, MULTI - GENERATIONAL SUSTAINABLE ROBUST MARKETS; QUALITY PRODUCTS LOW COST; STRONG CASHFLOWS 1 Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF), Export Finance Australia (EFA) 2 Subject to Mining and Port Leases being extended 3 Based on KPMG energy study 4 Pre - tax, ungeared, real 22 Up 160% 1 Why Invest in BCI? Steady Capital Growth; Significant Mardie upside potential $0.175 $0.25 $0.455 1 $0.455 1 BCI SHARE PRICE ($/ sh ) Up 740% 3 $43 $81 $106 2 $362 3 BCI CASH ($M) Up 680% 3 $70 $150 $273 $548 1,3 BCI MARKET CAP ($M) 1 Based on share price of $0.455/ sh as at 24 November 2021 2 Cash balance as at 16 November 2021 3 Subject to shareholder approvals of all resolutions at the EGM on 20 December 2021. Shares on issue post equity raise of ~1,205M. Pro Forma cash based on 16 November 2021 cash balance plus net proceeds f rom placement + SPP of ~$256M Shareholder approval required for resolutions at the EGM on 20 December 2021 Nov 2019 Nov 2020 Nov 2021 Pro Forma Nov 2019 Nov 2020 Nov 2021 Pro Forma Nov 2019 Nov 2020 Nov 2021 Pro Forma 160% return on investment since November 2019 Appendices 24 Corporate Structure Capital Structure (Pre - raise) Shares on Issue 599.96M Share Price (24 Nov - 2021) $0.455 6 - month liquidity (24 Nov - 2021) $59.5M Market Capitalisation 1 $273.0M Cash at Bank (16 - Nov - 21) $106.2M Debt (16 - Nov - 21) Nil Enterprise Value $166.8M Top Shareholders (Pre - raise) Australian Capital Equity (Wroxby) 39.5% Sandon Capital 6.0% Ryder Capital Management 4.3% Ryder Capital Limited 3.2% Trojan Investment Management 3.1% Top 20 Shareholders 64.8% Board & Management 1.2% Total number of shareholders 7,282 Board of Directors 2 Brian O’Donnell Non - Executive Chairman Alwyn Vorster Managing Director Michael Blakiston Non - Executive Director Jennifer Bloom Non - Executive Director Richard Court Non - Executive Director Garret Dixon Non - Executive Director Chris Salisbury Non - Executive Director 1 Based on 599.96M shares (pre - raise) 2 Refer pages 27 and 28 for Director and Management Team credentials - 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 - $0.10 $0.20 $0.30 $0.40 $0.50 $0.60 $0.70 Nov-20 Jan-21 Mar-21 May-21 Jul-21 Sep-21 Nov-21 Volume (m) Price ($) Volume Share Price 12 Month Share Price Performance Strong Balance Sheet and Supportive Shareholders 25 Royalty payments provide funding support for Mardie construction Funding Provided By Iron Valley Royalty IRON VALLEY MINE 1 Refer BCI announcement dated 12 October 2021 “Iron Valley Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves” 2 Based on AUD:USD of 0.73, 23% product discount to CFR 62% Fe price (based on current pricing), freight rate of US$20/ dmt (based on current vessels and rates) ? Quarterly royalty earnings from operating agreement with Mineral Resources Ltd (ASX: MIN) ? Iron Valley royalty earnings forecast to provide additional funding to first Project debt drawdown 1H 2023 ? 68Mt Reserves 1 ; Potential mine life of ~10 years ? Since first production in 2014: – BCI received revenue: $490M – BCI received EBITDA: $170M – Average 6.4Mtpa shipped – 55% lump ore; 59% Fe average ? Record BCI EBITDA of $69.5M in FY21; $17.1M in Q1 FY22 Annual EBITDA (A$M) Iron Ore Price (CFR 62% Fe, US$/ dmt ) 80 100 120 140 Tonnes Shipped (Mt, wet) 5.0 5 11 20 37 5.5 6 12 22 40 6.0 6 13 24 44 6.5 7 14 26 48 7.0 7 15 28 51 KEY IRON VALLEY PARAMETERS DETERMINING EBITDA TO BCI 2 26 Mardie Production Process 1 8. Ocean Going Vessel (up to Capesize) 1. Main Seawater Pump Station (6 pumps) 2. 9 Evaporation Ponds (88km 2 ) 3a. Primary Salt Crystallisers (16km 2 ) 3b. Secondary Salt Crystallisers (6km 2 ) A. KTMS 2 Crystallisers (5km 2 ) B. SOP Process Plant 4. Salt Wash Plant 99% Sun and Wind Energy 6. 2.4km Jetty 7. Transhipper (12,000t) 1 Refer blue - coloured labels for salt process and green for SOP process. SOP is exported in 10,000t parcels via the jetty, transhipper and onto oce an going vessels for export to customers 2 Kainite Type Mixed Salt 9. Export 5. Salt Stockpiles C. SOP Storage Shed 27 Alwyn Vorster MANAGING DIRECTOR ? Geology, Mineral Economics, MBA ? Kumba ; Rio Tinto; Iron Ore Holdings ? Geology; Mining; Marketing, Business Development and various CEO roles Richard Court NON - EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ? Commercial & Political background ? Former Ambassador to Japan; Premier and Treasurer of Western Australia ? Former Chair of GRD Minproc , Chair of Iron Ore Holdings, Chair of National Hire Susan Park COMPANY SECRETARY ? Commerce and accounting background ? 25 years’ experience in the corporate finance industry ? Extensive experience in Company Secretarial roles BCI Board of Directors Brian O’Donnell NON - EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN ? Banking and investment background ? Director, Finance and Investments - Australian Capital Equity (ACE) ? Numerous current and previous board positions on ASX - listed and private companies Jennifer Bloom NON - EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ? Governance, approvals and business background ? Senior positions in both the private and public sector ? Chair of BCI Rem & Nom Cmte Chris Salisbury NON - EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ? Numerous operational and strategic roles in Rio Tinto (30 - years) ? Rio Tinto Chief Executive – Iron Ore including responsibility for Rio’s salt business ? Chair of BCI Sustainability Cmte Michael Blakiston NON - EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ? Legal and mining business background ? Partner in Gilbert + Tobin’s Energy + Resources group ? Chair BCI Audit & Risk Cmte and Chair BCI Equity Cmte Garret Dixon NON - EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ? Civil engineering background ? Senior contracting roles (HWE; Mitchell Corp; Watpac - NED) ? Executive Vice Pres - Alcoa Corp ? Chair of BCI Project Review Cmte 28 BCI Executive Team / Key Project Personnel Alwyn Vorster MANAGING DIRECTOR ? Geology, Mining and MBA degrees ? Kumba ; Rio Tinto; Iron Ore Holdings ? Geology; Mining; Marketing; Feasibilities; Corporate Development Sam Bennett PROJECT DIRECTOR ? Civil engineering degree ? Fortescue; Roy Hill; WSP ? Construction Stephanie Majteles GENERAL COUNSEL/JOINT COMPANY SECRETARY ? Law degree ? Freehills; Rio Tinto ? Tenure; Approvals; Corporate Simon Hodge CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER 1 ? Finance degree ? JP Morgan; Poynton; Quickflix ? Corporate finance; Investment banking Jim Cooper GENERAL MANAGER OPERATIONS ? Management Diplomas ? GM Dampier Salt (Rio Tinto); GM Hope Downs (Rio Tinto); GM Boddington (Newmont) ? Operations; Salt Marketing; Health & Safety Angela Glover HEAD OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS ? Metallurgy degree ? BBI Group, Atlas, Alcan Gove ? Heritage; approvals, License to Operate; Government relations ? Based in Karratha Colyn Louw HEAD OF PEOPLE AND SERVICES ? Commerce and MBA degrees ? BHP; Roy Hill; Gold Fields ? People, health & safety, construction and operations DEVELOPMENT & OPERATIONS TEAMS: John Sofield (GM Project Engineering) ? Ex Fortescue Future Industries, BHP, Oz Minerals Xavier Coetzee (GM Project Commercial) ? Ex Roy Hill, Covalent Lithium – Procurement Management Rob Ernst Jr. (GM Marine) ? Ex BBI Group – Manager of Port and Marine Dale Ettridge (Manager Ops Readiness) ? Ex Rio/Dampier Salt – Mine Manager; Ops Readiness Alan Perry – (Manager Projects) ? Ex Rio/Dampier Salt – Regional Mine Manager MARKETING TEAM: Matthew Gurr (Manager) ? Ex Rio Tinto - Korea Manager Takashi Kawada (East Asia – Singapore based) ? Ex Dampier Salt - GM Marketing Kevin Yu (China – Beijing based) ? Ex Cliffs - China Country Manager; Rio Tinto Trevor Larbey – Logistics ? Ex Rio Tinto Marine – 35 years shipping 1 Simon Hodge becomes Head of Commercial in January 2022; Kerryl Bradshaw joins BCI as CFO in January 2022 T +61 8 6311 3400 E info@bciminerals.com.au W www.bciminerals.com.au GPO Box 2811 West Perth WA 6872 Level 1, 1 Altona St West Perth WA 6005

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