Biome Australia Limited (ASX:BIO)

Blair Norfolk
Market Cap (AUD): 14.62M
Sector: Consumer Staples
Last Trade (AUD): 0.1 +0.01 (+5.26%)
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1. About

Biome Australia Limited (ASX:BIO) partners with some of the world's leading microbiome research organisations to create its flagship range of complementary medicines: 

Activated Probiotics.

Activated Probiotics is a world-first range of live biotherapeutic products clinically proven to help prevent and support the management of various health concerns, including low mood and sleep, bone health, iron malabsorption, mild eczema and IBS, through randomised double-blind placebo-controlled trials. Through practitioner-only distribution, Biome is committed to educating health professionals on the newfound systemic health effects of the gut microbiota and helps them to provide innovative and evidence-based complementary medicines for the management of some of humanity's most prevalent and chronic health concerns.

Activated Nutrients

Biome also developed and distributes a scientifically formulated, organic nutraceutical range

Activated X Performance

Is a sports performance and recovery range made exclusively for professional athletes.

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