Benz Mining Corp (ASX:BNZ)

Xavier Braud
Market Cap (AUD): 23.59M
Sector: Materials
Last Trade (AUD): 0.44 -0.01 (-2.22%)
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1. About

Benz Mining Corp (ASX:BNZ) is a Canadian mining development company focused on advancing the Eastmain Gold Mine project in the James Bay Region, Quebec.

Eastmain Gold Mine project

The Eastmain Gold Project lies within the Upper Eastmain River Greenstone Belt, approximately 320 km north-northeast of Chibougamau and about 800 km north of Montréal, Québec. The property consists of 152 mineral claims and one industrial lease permit. The property covers approximately 8,014 ha and is under option agreement by Benz Mining Corp. The former Eastmain Mine, as defined by the perimeter of an historic mining lease, is subject to a production royalty (NSR) of 2.3% through production of the next 250,000 oz produced and 2% thereafter. A package of claims surrounding the mine precinct is subject to a production royalty (NSR) of 2%.

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