26 Aug 2021

Full Year Results Investor Presentation

Boom Logistics FY21 Results FY21 FULL YEAR RESULTS 26 August 2021 Boom Logistics FY21 Results 1 FY21 FULL YEAR RESULTS EBITDA $36.3m u p from $23.8m Revenue $173.3m down from $185.5m Operating Cashflow $25.9m up from $24.3m (before tax) ROCE 2.5% up from (1.4)% EBIT $4.5m up from $(8.1)m Gearing 26% up from 17% (net debt/equity) Final Dividend 1.0 ¢ Total 1.5¢ for FY21 NPAT $1.2m up from $(17.0)m 1 Boom Logistics FY21 Results 2 SAFETY ALWAYS • Boom’s safety performance is a key operational metric, with emphasis on risk management, leadership and assurance • Safety ‘reset’ undertaken during the year to increase focus on safety management interactions • Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) was zero in FY21, down from 4.4 in FY20 • Three year HSEQ Strategic Plan implemented with transition to new safety standard ISO 45001 • Response to COVID - 19 in line with government guidelines including travel restrictions, cleaning and social distancing protocols implemented • Safety of our customers and employees is our priority as we continue our journey towards zero harm TRIFR improved by 36% in FY21 SAOFR improved by 28% in FY21 Safe Act Observation Frequency Rate (SAOFR) Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) of Zero Boom Logistics FY21 Results 3 OPERATING RESULTS FY21 EBITDA $36.3m up 53% on pcp • Return to profit with EBIT improvement from tightened cost structure and refocus on quality revenue in key markets • Lower revenue due to: • One less major wind farm project in period • Project delays related to supply chain • Reduced shutdown activity across mining sector • Labour revenue impacted by COVID restrictions • State lockdowns delaying / cancelling projects Year ended 30 June 2021 2020 Change $'m $'m % Revenue from Servi ces 173.3 185.5 -7% Other Income 0.0 0.0 l es s : Di rect Expens es (113.1) (133.2) -15% Gross Profit 60.2 52.3 15% GP% 34.7% 28.2% Indi rect Expens es (19.9) (21.4) -7% Central Cos ts (4.6) (5.6) -18% Impai rment 0.0 (1.9) Profi t on Sal e of As s ets 0.6 0.4 36.3 23.8 53% EBITDA % 20.9% 12.8% l es s : Depreci ati on Expens e (31.8) (31.9) 0% EBIT 4.5 (8.1) l es s : Net Borrowi ng Cos ts (3.3) (4.4) -25% l es s : Tax Expens e 0.0 (4.5) Net Profit/ (Loss) After Tax 1.2 (17.0) Statutory EBITDA Boom Logistics FY21 Results 4 • Gearing at 26% in line with Board approved range of between 20% - 35% • Investment in new operating fleet to provide capacity for growth in key markets in FY22: • Deliver BHP Olympic Dam shutdown 1H FY22 • Targeting new mining contracts 2H FY22 • Major energy projects with new travel towers • ROCE increased to 2.5%, with improvement forecast in FY22 from new assets BALANCE SHEET 3 year finance facility commenced December 2020 Increased capacity with flexible terms and lower cost * Other Lease Liabilities include rented cranes, light commercial vehicles, transport assets and property leases As at 30 June 2021 2020 Change $'m $'m % 2.3 2.1 0.2 42.9 34.6 8.3 2.7 3.5 (0.8) 0.0 3.1 (3.1) 122.7 124.2 (1.5) 25.6 22.8 2.8 0.4 1.6 (1.2) Total Assets 196.6 191.9 4.7 15.6 11.9 3.7 31.7 21.7 10.0 (0.3) (0.1) (0.2) 16.8 19.9 (3.1) 9.6 8.9 0.7 8.1 9.9 (1.8) 2.4 4.4 (2.0) Total Liabilities 83.9 76.6 7.3 Net Assets 112.7 115.3 (2.6) Gearing (Net Debt/ Equity) 26% 17% NTA (cents per share) 0.26 0.27 Empl oyee Provi s i ons Other Li abi l i ti es Tax Payabl e Other Leas e Li abi l i ti es Cas h Trade and Other Recei vabl es Other As s ets As s ets Hel d for Sal e Property Pl ant and Equi pment Ri ght of Us e As s et Leas e Recei vabl e Payabl es Borrowi ngs and Fi nance Leas es Pre pai d borrowi ng cos ts Boom Logistics FY21 Results 5 Year ended 30 June 2021 2020 mvmt $m $m $m EBITDA 36.3 23.8 12.5 (7.5) 4.8 (12.3) (2.9) (4.3) 1.4 25.9 24.3 1.6 Income tax (pai d)/ recei ved (2.0) 4.5 (6.5) 23.9 28.8 (4.9) (14.7) (2.2) (12.5) 4.8 4.6 0.2 (9.9) 2.4 (12.3) (0.4) 0.0 (0.4) 5.8 (16.0) 21.8 (14.9) (12.8) (2.1) (4.3) 0.0 (4.3) 0.0 (1.7) 1.7 (13.8) (30.5) 16.7 0.2 0.7 (0.5) Payment of Leas e Li abi l i ti es Payment of Di vi dends Payments for Shares Bought Back Net cash used in financing activities Net Increase in Cash Net draw down/ (repayment) of borrowi ngs Movement i n worki ng capi tal and non-cas h i tems Interes t pai d (net of i nteres t recei ved) Cash Flow from operations before tax Net cash provided by operating activities Purchas e of pl ant and equi pment Proceeds from the s al e of pl ant and equi pment Net cash (used in)/ provided by investing activities Trans acti on cos ts rel ated to borrowi ngs CASH FLOW Operating Cashflow $25.9m before tax • Capital recycling improving asset utilisation as older and underutilised assets are sold • Working capital impacted with timing of new project revenues ($6.8m received in July 21 from wind farm invoices) • Net cash capex of $9.9m with new asset purchases providing: • capacity for growth • enhanced technology and safety systems • reduced maintenance costs * Income tax received in prior year to be repaid interest free over 24 monthly instalments Boom Logistics FY21 Results 6 47% 13% 23% 11% 6% FY21 $173m DIVERSIFIED REVENUES & GROWTH MARKETS Industrial Maintenance Telecommunications Mining & Resources Infrastructure Wind, Energy, Utilities FY21 revenue by sector • Mining maintenance work consistent during year • Site restrictions & labour shortages - reduced shutdown volume • Strong growth expected with major shutdowns planned in 1H FY22 • Major works at Snowy 2.0, rail and bridge projects • Activity to continue in FY22 on existing and new projects • Strong tender pipeline with major projects commencing in 2022 • Reduced risk on wind farm construction contracts • Increased focus on maintenance activities on wind farms • Strong pipeline in wind and energy over 3 - 5 years • COVID restrictions impacted offshore maintenance contract • Slower take - up on extra value added service opportunities • Solid activity in FY22 with existing contracts • Major metro telecommunication works delayed/cancelled due to state COVID lockdowns and restrictions • 5G and NBN rollout forecast to expand to regional areas in FY22 Boom Logistics FY21 Results 7 CRANE & SHUTDOWN SERVICES Key Operations • Mining maintenance services • Engineered specialised lifts • Shutdown, industrial and programmed maintenance services • Major clients are in the mining sector FY21 overview • Solid mining maintenance activity across all clients, although shutdown and project activity slightly reduced • Major shutdowns completed at Boddington Gold (WA), BMA and Curragh (QLD), Bulga and MTW (NSW) and Australian Paper (VIC) • Renewed maintenance contracts with Anglo American, FQM, Australian Paper and contract extended at Curragh • New contract with BHP Mt Arthur mine (NSW) FY22 outlook • Major shutdown at BHP Olympic Dam SCM21 won , forecast to deliver circa $15m in new revenue in 1H FY22 • Growth from new customers in central Queensland, including BMA Goonyalla shutdown and new Thiess contract awarded • Expanding service offering through introducing specialised skills and engineering services to mining clients • readi labour hire continues to service mining and industrial shutdown maintenance customers • Mobilise the new assets to north - west WA and central Queensland to support growth opportunities in 2H FY22 Solid market for engineered specialised lifting, labour and shutdown services Boom Logistics FY21 Results 8 PROJECTS Key Operations • Wind farm construction projects • Bridge installations, rail and infrastructure construction • Power grid infrastructure and construction projects • Wind farm maintenance programs FY21 overview • Wind farm construction works at Moorabool South (VIC ) successfully completed and commenced project at Bango (NSW), using equipment hire and labour rate model for core lifting services • Completed significant maintenance services on wind farms, replacing blades, gearboxes and pitch bearings for major clients across Australia • New infrastructure contracts won at Snowy 2.0, Parramatta L ight R ail ( NSW), Martinus Rail (QLD) and Armadale Rd Bridge (WA) FY22 outlook • Continue Bango wind farm construction works in 1H FY22 • Solid pipeline of wind farm construction and maintenance work with opportunities to introduce new value - added recurring maintenance services • Ongoing Snowy 2.0 infrastructure project work in 1H FY22 • Strong tender pipeline across infrastructure, civil engineering, rail crossing and tunnel projects in 2022 • New energy infrastructure and high voltage power - line construction works development over next 5 years Infrastructure tender pipeline is strong over the next five years Boom Logistics FY21 Results 9 TRAVEL TOWERS Key Operations • Telecommunications – 5G and data network upgrades and connections • T ransmission ‘string - line’ installation works on wind farms • I nterconnector and power grid infrastructure projects • High voltage transmission line maintenance works FY21 overview • Major high - voltage transmission line project in the Pilbara (WA ), utilising large size travel towers • Activity on electrical transmission and project work on wind farms continued, connecting substations to the grid • Telecommunications 5G and data network upgrades in metropolitan areas were impacted by lockdowns • Mining customers increasing use of large travel towers on site for shutdowns and projects FY22 outlook • Powerlines Plus high - voltage transmission line project continues through first half • Strong demand for ongoing electrical transmission, interconnector, string line to power pole and wind farm project work • Continued shutdown and mining maintenance activity for large travel towers • Increasing telecommunication 5G and NBN rollout in metro areas in first half and rollout planned in regional areas in 2022 • Delivery of new large travel towers for growth Demand for large travel towers in the energy, telco and mining sectors Boom Logistics FY21 Results 10 ASSET MANAGEMENT FY21 overview • $14.7 million invested in new assets to secure new contracts and growth for FY22 • Total asset utilisation at 77%, up from 71% last year • Ongoing use of flexible asset rental model to maximise capability and capacity • Travel towers ordered with 12 months lead time • Current fleet age profile is circa 10.7 years with target to average below 10 years FY22 outlook • Net capital expenditure planned for FY22 is $10 - 15m to secure new contracts and ongoing work • Three large travel towers to be commissioned late 1H and five large travel towers expected delivery late 2H FY22 • Asset sales forecast at $5m, recycling older assets to reduce maintenance costs and upgrade fleet with new technology • Availability of new assets through rental model to secure infrastructure and construction project tender pipeline Improving crane and travel tower utilisation Boom Logistics FY21 Results 11 OUTLOOK Clear strategy to achieve sustainable profitable growth EBITDA forecast* circa $21m in first half FY22 Revenue forecast* circa $105m in first half FY22 Improving return on capital and deliver shareholder returns Capital recycling & flexible asset rental model for growth Targeting maintenance services with recurring earnings and returns * Forecast based on current expectations of COVID - 19 impacts Boom Logistics FY21 Results 12 APPENDIX Boom Logistics FY21 Results OUR BUSINESS / OUR VALUES 270+ cranes in all sizes up to 750 tonnes 14 depots across Australia 90+ travel towers in all sizes up to 70 metres 800+ employees, 445 permanent and 400 flexible workforce Our Values Boom’s values differentiate our business. They guide decisions, our behaviours and the way we do business to maximise returns for our shareholders. 13 Boom Logistics FY21 Results 14 Mining & Resources sector Maintenance and Shutdowns • Provide lifting solutions, cranes and crews on 24/7 basis, travel towers, engineering services, supervision and project management on mine sites • Work includes shutdowns, major lifts to support bucket rebuilds, shovel replacements, conveyor belt works, crusher change - outs and tailored on - site lifting services • Expanding services introducing specialised skills and engineering solutions • Major contracts with mining clients, focus on safety, delivering to onsite standards , processes, procedures and competency requirements Boom Logistics FY21 Results 15 Infrastructure sector Growth in construction work • Completed three level crossing removal projects in Melbourne • Commenced work on Snowy 2.0 project and Parramatta Light Rail • Completed Albion Park Rail Bypass, Martinus Rail and Armadale Rd Bridge projects • Strong tender pipeline on infrastructure , civil engineering, rail and tunnel projects • Boom is well positioned for continued growth in the infrastructure and civil construction sectors Boom Logistics FY21 Results 16 Energy sector Power Transmission Lines • Major new high voltage work progressing well in WA • Contracted to provide six travel towers and specialised labour for the completion of a 220kv transmission line running between mines in the Pilbara region • The project is anticipated to continue to the end of 2021 • Growth opportunities in the high voltage transmission lines and energy sectors over next 5 years Boom Logistics FY21 Results 17 Wind Farm sector Powering in Renewables • Boom provides installation, engineering and maintenance services on wind farms across Australia • Our maintenance activities include removal and replacement of gear boxes, generators and blades • Our construction package includes installation of towers, mechanical & electrical services and project management • Boom also provides a range of travel towers and resources to support wind farm connection to power grid works Boom Logistics FY21 Results 18 Telecommunications sector 5G & NBN Network Program • 5G network deployment is accelerating with Telstra, Optus and Vodafone • 5G currently being installed in major metropolitan areas and is being rolled - out into regional areas in 2022 • Major data network and NBN upgrades continue in the telecommunications sector • Boom’s services include cranes, travel towers, specialised labour and traffic management Boom Logistics FY21 Results Boom Logistics FY21 Results This presentation contains certain forward - looking statements with respect to the financial condition, results of operations and business of Boom and certain plans and objectives of the management of Boom. Forward - looking statements can generally be identified by the use of words such as 'project', ‘believe’, 'foresee', 'plan’, 'expect', 'aim', 'potential’, ‘goal’, ‘target’, ‘intend', 'anticipate’, 'believe', 'estimate’, 'may', ‘could’, 'should', 'will’ or similar expressions. All such forward looking statements involve known and unknown risks, significant uncertainties, assumptions, contingencies and other factors, many of which are outside the control of Boom, which may cause the actual results or performance of Boom to be materially different from any future results or performance expressed or implied by such forward looking statements. Such forward - looking statements speak only as of the date of this announcement. Factors that could cause actual results or performance to differ materially include without limitation the following: risks and uncertainties associated with the Australian and global economic environment and capital market conditions, fluctuations in foreign currency exchange and interest rates, competition, Boom's relationships with, and the financial condition of, its suppliers and customers, or legislative changes, or regulatory changes or other changes in the laws which affect Boom's business. The foregoing list of important factors is not exhaustive. There can be no assurance that actual outcomes will not differ materially from these statements. Readers should not place undue reliance on forward looking statements. Except as required by law and ASX Listing Rules, Boom undertakes no obligation to update publicly or otherwise revise any forward looking statement as a result of new information, future events or other factors. 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