13 May

Results of General Meeting and Director Resignation

ABOUT CALIDUS RESOURCES Calidus Resources is an ASX listed gold producer that is ramping up the 1. 7Moz Warrawoona Gold Project in the East Pilbara district of Western Australia. DIRECTORS AND MANAGEMENT Mr Mark Connelly NON -EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN Mr David Reeves MANAGING DIRECTOR Mr John Ciganek NON -EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Mr Keith Coughlan NON -EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Ms Kate George NON -EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Mr Paul Brennan PROJECT DEVELOPMENT Mr Richard Hill CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Ms Julia Beckett COMPANY SECRETARY calidus.com.au ASX : CAI info@calidus.com.au Suite 12, 11 Ventnor Ave West Perth WA 6005 AUSTRALIA 13 May 2022 Results of General Meeting and Director Resignation Calidus Resources Limited (ASX:CAI) ( Calidus or the C ompany ) advises that Members unanimously approved all resolutions set out in the Notice of Meeting by Poll at the General Meeting held today. The information required to be disclosed in accordance with ASX Listing Rule 3.13.2 and Section 251AA(2) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) in respect of each resolution passed at the meeting is set out in the attached table. The Company also announces the resignation of Mr Keith Coughlan as a Non-Executive Director. The Board would like to thank Mr Coughlan for his time with the Company over its entire journey from the IPO on the ASX to the first gold pour and wish him well in his future endeavours. For the purpose of Listing Rule 15.5, the Board has authorised for this announcement to be released. For further information please contact: Julia Beckett Company Secretary Tel: 0402 086 288 Disclosure of Proxy Votes Calidus Resources Limited General Meeting Friday, 13 May 2022 In accordance with section 251AA of the Corporations Act 2001, the following information is provided in relation to resolutions put to members at the meeting. Automic GPO Box 5193, Sydney, NSW 2001 P 1300 288 664 (aus) or +61 (0)2 9698 5414 (world) F +61 (0)2 8583 3040 E hello@automic.com.au ABN 27 152 260 814 Proxy Votes Poll Results (if applicable) Resolution Decided by Show of Hands (S) or Poll (P) Total Number of Proxy Votes exercisable by proxies validly appointed FOR AGAINST ABSTAIN PROXY'S DISCRETION FOR AGAINST ABSTAIN 1 Election of Director – Ms Kate George P 148,993,506 148,436,389 99.63% 11,007 0.01% 5,450 546,110 0.37% 151,293,809 99.99% 11,007 0.01% 255,450 2a Approval to issue Options to Directors – Mr David Reeves P 128,582,916 120,635,378 93.82% 7,394,757 5.75% 20,416,040 552,781 0.43% 123,122,683 94.33% 7,394,757 5.67% 20,416,040 2b Approval to issue Options to Directors – Mr Mark Connelly P 128,579,356 93,493,541 72.71% 34,512,034 26.84% 268,410 573,781 0.45% 96,628,632 73.68% 34,512,034 26.32% 268,410 2c Approval to issue Options to Directors – Mr John Ciganek P 148,730,546 113,644,731 76.41% 34,512,034 23.20% 268,410 573,781 0.39% 116,713,155 77.18% 34,512,034 22.82% 268,410 2d Approval to issue Options to Directors – Ms Kate George P 148,723,046 113,637,487 76.41% 34,511,778 23.21% 275,910 573,781 0.39% 116,522,578 77.15% 34,511,778 22.85% 275,910 3 Ratification of prior issue of Consideration Shares to Haoma P 148,894,126 148,308,086 99.61% 18,930 0.01% 104,830 567,110 0.38% 151,436,506 99.99% 18,930 0.01% 104,830

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