23 Nov

AGM Chairmans Address

ASX ANNOUNCEMENT 2 3 November 2021 1 21 North Mole Drive, North Fremantle WA 6159 | PO Box 39, North Fremantle WA 6159 Phone: +61 8 6168 8400 | www.carnegiece.com | ABN 69 009 237 736 Cha irm an ’ s Address at 2021 Annual General Meeting Welcome shareholders, employees and stakeholders to Carnegies 2021 AGM. I will be chairing this meeting on behalf of the board and my fellow directors. It has been my pleasure and privilege to serve for another year as Chairman of Carnegie Clean Energy . Your company has made significant strides over the year and we continue to move closer to achieving our technical goals and commercial success. T he board and m anagement have worked closely to continue to define and refine our strateg ic plans and to update and deliver on key milestones. Challenges primarily resulting from the Corona Virus Pandemic have created some obstacles to overcome and caused some delays. The team has worked hard to offset this by finding new alternates, new partners and new commercial opportunities. Carnegie has a vision, and we know our purpose. Our “vision” is to be the most successful ocean energy company on Earth and our “pu rpose” is to harness ocean energy to make the world more sustainable . Following the formal business, our CEO Jonathan Fievez will pr ovide and update on the business, our progress over the past year , and provide a preview of plans for the future. Th e past year was pivotal for Carnegie Clean Energy and most of the key milestones set - out at last year’s AGM have been achieved . While delivering on the key milestones, the team also developed several new spin - off product opportunities. Jonathan will cover our achievements and challenges in his presentation , so I will avoid stealing any of his thunder . I do however wish to recogni s e the hard work and commitment demonstrated by management and all employees throughout the year. I n my view, Jonathan and the team have delivered beyond expectations. Over the past year I have been closely involved with our technical and commercial activities . I have regularly attend ed the team’s technical reviews and have been involved the development of many of our new technical and commercial partnerships and alliances. My fellow directors have also dedicated their time to actively participate in key company initiatives . I wish to thank my fellow directors for supporting these initiatives and for their contributions over the year. Your company is better positioned for the future . We have add ed new technical and commercial partners . We h ave secured new externally funded programs to offset expense s. Our debt has been eliminated; Carnegie has no debt. We have adequate cash to sustain our continued R&D and operations . The company has a comprehensive strateg ic plan targeted at deliver ing commercial success an d creat ing shareholder value. The primary focus for our business continues to be Wave Energy and Wave related technologies. This through the development of our proprietary CETO technology, whilst in parallel, identifying and developing new and exciting complementar y spin - off product opportunities. Terry Stinson Chairman, Carnegie Clean Energy Authorised for release to the ASX by Terry Stinson, Chairman 2 21 North Mole Drive, North Fremantle WA 6159 | PO Box 39, North Fremantle WA 6159 Phone: +61 8 6168 8400 | www.carnegiece.com | ABN 69 009 237 736 For more information Carnegie Clean Energy Limited +61 8 6168 8400 enquiries@carnegiece.com www.carnegiece.com ABOUT CARNEGIE Carnegie Clean Energy (ASX: CCE) is a technology developer focused on delivering ocean energy technologies to make the world more sustainable. Carnegie is the owner and developer of the CETO® and MoorPower TM technolog ies , which capture ener gy from ocean waves and convert it into electricity. Using t he latest advances in artificial intelligence and electric machines , Carnegie can optimally control our technologies and generate electricity in the most efficient way possible. The Wave Predicto r technology developed by Carnegie uses a proprietary machine learning algorithm to improve the performance of our wave technologies and has additional applications beyond the wave energy industry. The company has a long history in ocean energy with a trac k record of world leading developments. https://www.carnegiece.com/
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