Credit Corp Group Limited (ASX:CCP)

Thomas Beregi
Market Cap (AUD): 2.39B
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 35.17 -0.03 (-0.09%)
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1. About

Credit Corp Group Limited (ASX:CCP) is Australia's largest provider of sustainable financial services in the credit impaired consumer segment.

Credit Corp's core business is the purchase of debt and subsequent debt collection services. The Group purchases past-due consumer and small business debts from major banks, finance companies, telecommunication companies and utility providers in Australia, NZ and the USA.

The Group is committed to working with customers to agree affordable repayments which improve their credit standing over time while ensuring they remain active in the community.

Credit Corp has a strong compliance culture supported by a control framework to ensure that all employees adhere to the standards set for the Group. The Group engages with consumer stakeholders and regulators for ongoing feedback and assistance. This includes a long-term partnership with Kildonan Uniting Care to promote respectful engagement with consumers and the proactive recognition and management of financial hardship.

The Group's lending business, delivers sustainable loans at market-leading fee and interest rates to a consumer segment with limited choice. 

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