City Chic Collective Limited (ASX:CCX)

Phil Ryan
Market Cap (AUD): 440.65M
Sector: Consumer Discretionary
Last Trade (AUD): 1.81 -0.09 (-4.74%)
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1. About

City Chic Collective Limited (ASX:CCX) is a multi-channel retailer with a customer-led offer that appeals to fashion-forward women.

City Chic is the leading global destination for curvy fashionistas. The City Chic woman is fun, fashionable, and fearless. With a hectic lifestyle and a passion for fashion, she is not defined by the way she looks, but by the way she feels, and embraces her curves.

Together with the company's dedication to the latest fashion and its ultimate hourglass fit, City Chic is the global destination for sizes 14-24 that puts fashion first.

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