Complii Fintech Solutions Ltd (ASX:CF1)

Alison Sarich
Market Cap (AUD): 26.12M
Sector: Information Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 0.076 +0 (+1.33%)
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1. About

Complii FinTech Solutions (ASX:CF1) owns and operates a secure digital platform designed to automate, record and report on an AFS Licensee's compliance obligations.

Complii automates functions including sending ROA's/SOA's emails based off client profiles, 708 8 expiry register, FOFA FDS letter auto-generation and electronic opt-in, online client profiles updates, disclosures, breach register, Chinese walls and internal compliance.

Part of Compliis cutting edge innovation software solution is Advisor Bid and Corporate Word, which allows corporate deals to be distributed to advisors.  Successful bids can be automatically offered to clients who have the option to electronically accept a deal by email. 

Compliis Client Portfolio Portal allows clients to login online, view and update their risk profiles, run and print statements, contract notes, securely contact their advisor, track stock performance with live pricing and more.

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