Close the Loop Limited (ASX:CLG)

Joe Foster
Group CEO
Market Cap (AUD): 134.18M
Sector: Industrials
Last Trade (AUD): 0.42 +0.02 (+5%)
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1. About

Close the Loop Limited (ASX:CLG) consists of the merging of two business groups - Close the Loop and O F Packaging. Close the Loop is an established operator in resource collection and recycling in Australia, Europe and the United States, while the O F Packaging Group provides innovative flexible and carton packaging, printing and related sustainability solutions to domestic and international customers of all sizes. The combining of these two entities allows for end-to-end solutions across packaging and consumables to a variety of markets, with advanced innovation in product development, as well as end of life take-back and recovery systems for complex commodities to greatly reduce waste to landfill.

Close the Loop

Close the Loop is an established operator in resource collection and recycling in Australia, Europe and the United States. Close the Loop is an Australianowned company specialising in sustainable solutions for complex waste streams. With existing operations in Australia, the US and Europe (see map below), and IP developed over 20 years, Close the Loop has historically operated predominantly in print consumable products and PostConsumer Recyclate (PCR) such as waste soft plastic, cosmetics and batteries. It considers itself a specialist toner cartridge recycler of scale. Operating on a promise of zero waste to landfill, Close the Loop partners with 15 of the worlds largest print and print consumable OEMs, including Brother, Canon, Toshiba, Epson, HP and Xerox and creates revenue through sorting and processing, value added services and recycling materials.

O F Packaging

The O F Packaging Group is the product of a successful merger between Omniverse Group and Foster Packaging Australia in 2016. O F Packaging Group provides a broad range of services via the following divisions: outsourced gravure printed packaging, rewind and pouch making through O F Pack; digital printing and pouch manufacturing through The Pouch Shop (TPS); flexographic printing and bag converting through O F Flexo; bag closures through InnoBag; and resource recovery, recycling, reuse and waste services through O F Resource Recovery. In addition, Foster International Packaging in South Africa offers gravure print packaging to African markets.

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