Critical Minerals Group Limited (ASX:CMG)

Scott Drelincourt
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1. About

Critical Minerals Group Limited (ASX:CMG) is focused on the outlook for global energy disruption and transition that is currently underway and the chance to grasp the opportunities arising from the substantial changes in the world around us. 

The rising standard of living of a growing global population is likely to continue to drive demand for critical minerals for years to come. This demand for critical minerals will help the world transition through the decarbonisation and electrification phase. The world will need to find a way to meet this growing demand for such minerals, and Critical Minerals Group is well-positioned to meet this new economy mineral demand as the world turns towards a more renewable future.

CMG aims to reduce dilution and drive early-stage revenues through strategic partnerships and corporate transactions to add value to shareholders while operating to the highest ESG standards.

The Group will focus on carbon-neutral processes, including Solar, Hydrogen and Vanadium Redox Batteries.

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