25 Nov

AGM Presentation

AGM Presentation 25 November 2021 CONICO 1 The East Greenland Poly-Metallic Explorer Cautionary Statement Certain statements made during or in connection with this communication, including, without limitation, those concerning the economic outlook for the exploration industry, expectations regarding commodity prices, production, cash costs and other operating results, growth prospects and the outlook of Conico Ltd (“CNJ”) operations; contain or comprise certain forward-looking statements regarding CNJ ’s exploration operations, economic performance and financial condition. Although CNJ believes that the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, no assurance can be given that such expectations will prove to have been correct. Accordingly, results or outcomes could differ materially from those set out in the forward-looking statements as a result of, among other factors, changes in economic and market conditions, success of business and operating initiatives, changes in the regulatory environment and other government actions, fluctuations in commodity prices and exchange rates and business and operational risk management. CNJ undertakes no obligation to update publicly or release any revisions to these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after today’s date or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events. CAUTIONARY STATEMENT REGARDING FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTS: CONICO 2 Greenland Iceland Ísafjörður RYBERG ? 100% owned. 4,521 km 2 ? Sortekap Prospect: >2g/t Au surface rock chip assays in newly discovered greenstone belt ? Drilled in 2021 – assays pending ? Miki Prospect: Surface samples incl. 0.8% Ni, 2.2% Cu, 0.1% Co, 3.3g/t Pd, 2.7g/t Au ? Drilled in 2021 – assays pending ? Cascata Prospect: VMS-style mineralisation and underlying layered mafic intrusion ? Drilled in 2021 – assays pending MESTERSVIG ? 100% owned 1,447 km 2 ? Blyklippen historic Pb-Zn Mine: (1949-1965), 545Kt @ 9.9% Zn, 9.3% Pb ? Sediment hosted Pb-Zn-Cu-Ag deposit with 13km strike potential supported by previous drilling ? Licence area contains the Werner Bjerge Alkaline Complex, prospective for precious & base metals and REE ? 10km from Mestersvig military air base GREENLAND: A World Class Opportunity ? European jurisdiction , the interface between North America and Europe. ? Pro-mining , except for radioactive elements (not present in Conico’s portfolio). ? High ESG standards. ? 25% corporate tax rate, 2.5% government royalty , no VAT (DKK 0.10 per litre on fuel) and can carry tax losses forward indefinitely. ? Participates actively in Nordic co-operation, Arctic co- operation, the UN, the WTO, the EU and is a member of the Overseas Countries and Territories Association (OCTA). ? Two new international airports being built : at the capital Nuuk, and in the southern capital Qaqartoq. ? The world´s largest island, but with a population of only 56,000. ? Has attracted mining companies including Anglo American and IGO . CONICO 4 WHY CONICO? Greenland is known for its mineral wealth and being under-explored, yet there are only two operating mines. Our approach is to make new discoveries by conducting methodical exploration activities over large tracts of land, looking for high-grade, high-tonnage deposits that are required in order to be viable in a remote location. We also focus on the east coast of Greenland due to favourable attributes, these being (1) it faces toward Europe, (2) its proximity to Iceland which provides options for green energy, (3) it is under-explored compared to the south and west coastlines, and (4) it is away from settlements and any mining activity will have minimal impact on society. Our management team has a combined experience of over 25 years operating in Greenland, all of which is on the east coast. Their skills are in geology and operations, a strong in- house team that does not need to reply on contractors to achieve objectives. A TOP 5 LICENCE HOLDER - 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 Greenfields Exploration Ltd Anglo American Bluejay Mining Conico Ltd AEX Gold Conico is the 4 th largest licence holder in Greenland, with the Ryberg and Mestersvig Projects covering a combined area of 5,968km 2 . CONICO 6 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Guy Le Page Exec. Director – Conico Ltd BA, B.Sc., B. App.Sc. (Hons), MBA, M.Fin.Plan, GradDipAppFin, FFIN, MAusIMM Guy is a geologist and corporate financier/advisor, having been in the industry for more than 25 years. He is a director of RM Capital and non-executive director of Tasman Resources. Guy is a practicing expert witness and has significant experience in mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, valuations and advisory roles. Gregory Solomon Non-Exec. Chairman – Conico Ltd LLB Has practised as a commercial/corporate lawyer for more than 40 years, is managing partner with Solomon Brothers Lawyers and executive director of Tasman Resources. Gregory has a broad range of experience including mining, technology, corporate, commercial, finance and property law. Douglas Solomon Non-Exec. Director – Conico Ltd B Juris, LLB (Hons) Douglas is a commercial/litigation lawyer with more than 40 years, is a partner with Solomon Brothers Lawyers and non-executive director of Tasman Resources. He has a broad range of experience including finance, securities, environmental, construction, commercial litigation and contract law. James Richardson Non-Exec. Director – Conico Ltd James is a corporate financier/advisor, having been in the industry for more than 25 years. He is a director of RM Capital and has significant experience in the development and implementation of financial instruments that encompass multiple sectors of the investment market. CONICO 7 STAFF Anthony Naves Spanakis Senior Geologist – Longland Resources Ltd BSc Thomas Abraham-James CEO – Longland Resources Ltd BSc (Hons), FAusIMM (CP Geo), FSEG, FGSL Anthony was educated at the University of Wollongong and is a Geologist with 5 years of professional experience in Greenfields mineral exploration, working across a wide range of commodities and deposit styles in Australia. With particular expertise in magmatic sulphides and Porphyry mineralisation, he has demonstrated exploration proficiency and success across a variety of commodities in East Greenland and was part of the Company´s 2021 field team. Thomas has over 15 years’ experience in both corporate and technical capacities, educated at the Australian National University. He began his career with Rio Tinto (Argyle Diamonds) before switching to exploration and becoming exploration manager for Platina Resources Ltd. After two years in Tanzania working for a private company Thomas left employment and co-founded Helium One Global Ltd (LSE: HE1), and later founded Longland Resources Ltd that was since acquired by Conico in 2020.. Höskuldur Jónsson Operations Manager - Longland Resources Ltd BA Höskuldur is an expedition leader, guide and logistics export educated at University College Birmingham. He has over 19 years’ experience operating in the Arctic, including Greenland, Iceland and Norway (mainland, plus Svalbard and Jan Mayen). He is a qualified skipper and first visited the Ryberg Project in 2008. Höskuldur has managed operations for the 2020 and 2021 Greenland field seasons. CONICO 8 COMPANY SNAPSHOT BOARD: Gregory Solomon (Non-Exec. Chairman) Guy Le Page (Exec. Director) James Richardson (Non-Exec. Director) Douglas Solomon (Non-Exec. Director) COMPANY SECRETARY: Aaron Gates TOP 10 SHAREHOLDERS: BNP Paribas Noms (Clear) 14.2% Tasman Resources Ltd 9.9% BNP Paribas Noms (Custod) 4.5% Douglas Solomon 3.9% Gregory Solomon 3.8% James Richardson 3.6% Thomas Abraham-James 3.3% Guy Le Page 2.8% Flourish Super Pty Ltd 1.6% D M Middleton Pty Ltd 1.5% TOTAL 47.6% Cash AUD$2.8M Share Price AUD$0.038 52-week high AUD$0.103 52-week low AUD$0.016 Market Cap. AUD$38M Shares on Issue 1,000,214,874 Options on Issue 1,000,000 @ $0.022 (exp. 21/9/23) 8,500,000 @ $0.04 (exp. 24/11/23) 2,300,000 @ $0.04 (exp. 15/1/24) 60,496,307 @ $0.07 (exp. 20/1/24) 10,000,000 @ $0.04 (exp. 30/9/24) 33,500,000 @ $0.10 (exp. 30/11/24) CONICO 9 RYBERG PROJECT CONICO 8 EAST GREENLAND Drill core from MIDD001 @ 118.3m depth RYBERG: GEOLOGY Rift Valley Basin setting • Kangerlussuaq Basin, Cretaceous-Paleocene (1km exposed, total thickness unknown) • Overlain by plateau basalts that have mostly been eroded, Palaeogene • Underlain by gneiss/amphibolite, Archaean Project Setting : Represents the erosion level between the basement rocks and overlying sedimentary-volcanic sequence. Triple Junction : epicentre (associated with opening of the North Atlantic) and a failed rift. Mantle Plume: Within the migration path of what is now the Icelandic Mantle Plume. Multiple Intrusions : Dykes and sills that intrude the Kangerlussuaq Basin, resulting in sulphide saturation and segregation. CONICO 11 RYBERG: GEOPHYSICS Survey Type: Helicopter magnetic and radiometric. Contractor : New Resolution Geophysics (NRG), South Africa. System : Xplorer single sensor magnetometer stinger and real-time gamma-ray spectrometer. Survey Specifications: 200m east-west line spacing (100m at the Miki and Sortekap Prospects) with 1,000m north-south tie lines. Average sensor height of 20-25m. Survey size : Regional, with a total of 24,215 line km flown. Interpretation : All deliverables have been received from NRG, and the data is now being interpreted by an independent geophysicist. CONICO 12 The NRG Xplorer survey helicopter leaving the accommodation vessel in 2021. RYBERG: MIKI PROSPECT Mineralisation Style: Magmatic sulphide (Cu-Ni-Co-Pd-Au) 2021 Drill Programme: The first time Miki has been drilled, targeting electromagnetic (EM) conductors. A total of 8 drill-holes were completed, for a combined 2,021m drilled. 2021 Results: Assays due November 2021. 2021 geophysics: Flown with 100m line-spaced magnetics and radiometrics. Previous Work: Surface samples grading up to 2.2% copper, 0.8% nickel, 0.1% cobalt, 3.3g/t palladium & 0.2g/t gold. VTEM+ survey and ground EM surveys. Sulphides: Disseminated interstitial blebs and rounded globules up to ~20cm in diameter including pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite and pentlandite, with palladium and gold minerals. CONICO 13 Drilling at the Miki Prospect in 2021. RYBERG: SORTEKAP PROSPECT Mineralisation Style: Orogenic gold. 2021 Drill Programme: The first time Sortekap has been drilled, targeting induced polarisation (IP) conductors. A total of 3 drill-holes were completed, for a combined 847m drilled. 2021 Results: Assays due November 2021. 2021 geophysics: Flown with 100m line-spaced magnetics and radiometrics. Previous Work: Surface samples grading up to 2.7g/t gold. IP geophysical survey. Mineralisation: Gold mineralisation is present as free gold, or gold-rich electrum (gold-silver alloy) hosted in quartz veins and associated with disseminated sulphides. CONICO 14 RYBERG: CASCATA PROSPECT Mineralisation Style: Volcanic-Sedimentary Hosted Massive Sulphide (VHMS). 2021 Drill Programme: The first time Cascata has been drilled, targeting stratigraphically-hosted sulphide mineralisation observed at surface. A total of 2 drill-holes were completed, for a combined 591m drilled. 2021 Results: Assays due November 2021. Previous Work: No previous work has occurred; this is a new discovery made by Company personnel in 2021. Sulphides: Massive sulphides observed at surface and in drill- core. Further analysis is required to determine the type of sulphides present. Layered Mafic Intrusion (LMI): Beneath the VHMS package is a large gabbro intrusion containing layering that is deemed prospective for magmatic sulphide mineralisation. Assessment of the intrusion’s potential is ongoing. CONICO 15 Looking east toward the Cascata Prospect. RYBERG: PROPOSED 2022 ACTIVITIES The results from the 2021 field season are awaited, however it is anticipated that positive assays will be followed up with additional drilling. The regional magnetic-radiometric survey is also anticipated to generate additional targets warranting drilling. ? Fuel has been left on site, allowing for an early start in 2022. ? 3 x drill rigs have been left on site. ? Options for commencing in April are actively being investigated. This is known to be possible from previous year’s experience. CONICO 16 Charter helicopter on site in 2021. RYBERG: LOGISTICS The Project area is in an area suitable for mining development on the east Greenland coast, the closest point to Iceland (365km). ? Deep-water fjord , ideal for a port. ? Airstrip can be extended to accommodate larger aircraft (Dash- 8). ? Site : Adjacent to large flat-lying valley with abundant aggregate material – ideal for a production facility. ? Fresh Water : available in numerous lakes and rivers ? Not in a National Park or culturally sensitive area ? Not close to a settlement A vessel was used for accommodation for the 2021 field season, anchored within a 15min commute to Ryberg and Cascata. CONICO 17 Charter accommodation vessel and supply ship moored in Jacobsen Fjord in 2021. MESTERSVIG CONICO 13 MESTERSVIG: HISTORIC MINE Flotation plant, located underground. CONICO 19 Historic Mining: the mine was called ‘Blyklippen’ (lead rocks in English) and produced a total of 545,000 tonnes of ore @ 9.3% Pb and 9.9% Zn between 1956 and 1962. The mined-out sulphide lens was 2-10m thick, 300m long and 160 m high. Mining was by open-cut and underground by cut-and-fill method. The ore was crushed underground and processed via flotation, with recoveries of 95% for lead and 92% zinc. All processing equipment remains stored underground. The mine was open for 10 months a year , between February and November. Mineralisation Style: Sediment hosted, fault-controlled epithermal lead-zinc veins, consisting of 65% quartz, 15% sphalerite, 10% galena, 5-10% baryte with trace amounts of pyrite, chalcopyrite and tetrahedrite. MESTERSVIG: GEOLOGY Local Geology: dominated by Carboniferous, Permian and Triassic sediments intruded by Palaeogene dolerite sills and dykes Towards the south, the area is bordered by the Palaeogene Werner Bjerge Complex, in the west, it is bordered by a major regional fault beyond which is the Caledonian fold belt. Mineralisation Styles: ? Vein-hosted lead-zinc-silver-copper sulphides , observed at Blyklippen, Nuldal and Sortebjerg. ? Strata-bound lead-zinc-copper-barium sulphides , hosted in conglomerate/carbonate lithologies in the Upper Permian. Observed at Oksedal and Holbergpasset. ? Sediment-hosted copper sulphides , reduced-facies copper occurrences within black shales within the Upper Permian. ? Base metal sulphides and REE , within the Werner Bjerge Complex. CONICO 20 CONICO 21 In 2020 the Company successfully conducted a ground-borne gravity survey to identify the location of veins carrying base metal sulphides that are obscured from surface. Surface sampling and mapping in 2020 identified mineralisation at Nuldal grading up to 69.5% lead, 0.91% copper and 282g/t silver . 15 historic drill-holes at the Sortebjerg Prospect identified mineralisation near identical to that at Blyklippen, and is aligned along strike. The best drill intersect being 5.17m @ 18.55% Zn+Pb from 40.0m drilled depth . All historic drill-core from the time of mining is available on site. The Werner Bjerge Complex is covered by high-resolution electromagnetic (EM) data that is in the Company’s possession . MESTERSVIG: WORK CONDUCTED Historic drill core stored on site. Zinc mineralisation at Sortebjerg. This has the potential to be a very large mineralised system. The objectives are to assess: ? Whether the mineralisation at Sortebjerg joins that at Blyklippen ( therefore a strike length of 13km ). ? Whether the mineralisation at Nuldal is continuous and represents a system parallel to Blyklippen. ? Whether the strata-bound mineralisation is laterally continuous. To accomplish these objectives, the proposed activities are: ? Import drill rig(s) for testing of the targets. ? Further interpret existing geophysics. ? Create a 3D model to assist drill targeting. CONICO 22 MESTERSVIG: PROPOSED 2022 ACTIVITIES Three dimensional map of the Mestersvig area. Suitable for mining development on the east coast of Greenland, only 10km from the Mestersvig Air Base. ? Has an existing harbour ? Traversable by foot/automobile from the harbour to key prospects ? Existing air field ? Existing underground workings ? 300 barrels of fuel imported to site in 2021 MESTERSVIG: LOGISTICS CONICO 23 Activity at the Mestersvig Military Base. ? TARGETS : Ryberg + Mestersvig give exposure to multi-commodity opportunities with large scale. ? RYBERG : ? Three prospects were drilled for the first time in 2021. ? Assays due in November 2021. ? Fuel and drill rigs are on site, ready for an early start in 2022. ? MESTERSVIG : ? 13km of untested structure along strike from former high-grade Pb-Zn mine. ? Multiple prospects ready to drill. ? Fuel on site, ready for an early start in 2022. ? PEOPLE : Management + consultants with significant Greenland Experience. ? LOGISTICS : Easy access from Iceland. ? TIGHT CAPITAL STRUCTURE : Top 20 hold 56.7% of issued capital. A GIANT OPPORTUNITY CONICO 24 Level 15, 197 St Georges Terrace PERTH WA 6000 Australia Postal Address PO Box 7055 Cloisters Square WA 6850 Australia +61-8-9282-5889 Thomas Abraham-James CEO Longland Resources tom@longlandresources.com Guy Le Page Exec. Director Conico glepage@conico.com.au mailroom@conico.com.au www.conico.com.au CONICO CONTACTS CONICO 25 COMPETENT PERSONS STATEMENT The information contained in this presentation relating to exploration results relates to information compiled or reviewed by Thomas Abraham-James, a full-time employee of Longland Resources Ltd. Mr. Abraham-James has a B.Sc. Hons (Geol) and is a Chartered Professional (CPGeo) and Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (FAusIMM). Mr. Abraham-James has sufficient experience of relevance to the styles of mineralisation and the types of deposit under consideration, and to the activities undertaken to qualify as a Competent Person as defined in the 2012 edition of the Joint Ore Reserve Committee (JORC) “Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves". Mr. Abraham-James consents to the inclusion in this presentation of the matters based on information in the form and context in which it appears. CONICO 26

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