Chorus Limited (ASX:CNU)

Kate McKenzie
Market Cap (AUD): 2.61B
Sector: Communication Services
Last Trade (AUD): 5.9 +0.07 (+1.2%)
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1. About

It started with the first ‘talking telegraph’ trial in 1887 which led to the formation of the New Zealand Post Telegraph Department in 1881. What followed was 130 years of communications evolution; telephones in nearly every home, the privatisation of the network and the birth of Telecom in 1987, as well as the arrival of the internet and mobile phone technology.

Now optical fibre ushers in a new era. Chorus was formed in March 2008 as a Telecom business unit operating at arm’s length from the rest of the organisation, to give all service providers access to the local fixed line network. In December 2011, Chorus reached a major milestone, formally becoming a separate entity and listing on the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges.

Chorus (ASX:CNU) is proud to be New Zealand’s largest telecommunications infrastructure company. We maintain and build a network predominantly made up of local telephone exchanges, cabinets, and copper and fibre cables. Today Chorus continues its long heritage of building and looking after the country’s fixed line telecommunications network for both present and future generations.

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