Scott McGowan
Market Cap (AUD): 83.02M
Sector: Information Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 0.555 -0.03 (-5.13%)
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1. About

COSOL Limited (ASX:COS) is a digital services and transformation specialist providing strategic advice and practical delivery to streamline enterprise asset management business processes and technology systems.

Combined with the company's proprietary data migration and reporting solutions (BPConnect®, RPConnect®), COSOL offers industry specific expertise in the definition, analysis, design, implementation, optimisation and support of production and commercial systems.

COSOL’s knowledge of systems and business processes coupled with its ability to interact from the shop floor to the boardroom enables streamlined sustainable business process transformations.

COSOL maintains networks and relationships with industry recognised solution providers as well as selling its own integration, data migration and reporting solutions.

COSOL differentiates itself through high quality asset intensive industry consultants for both Ellipse and SAP and the significant development of both the product RPConnect® and IP retention for enterprise resource planning data migration projects.

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