Catalano Seafood Ltd (ASX:CSF)

Nick Catalano
CEO & Chairman
Market Cap (AUD): 5.01M
Sector: Consumer Staples
Last Trade (AUD): 0.1725 +0.01 (+4.55%)
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1. About

Catalano Seafood Ltd (ASX:CSF) is a seafood processor, wholesaler, retailer and exporter. 

Catalanos has established itself as a vertically integrated company, operating from ocean-to-plate within Western Australia owing to its strong relationships across the seafood supply chain from third party fisheries through the Company's own processing capabilities to its key wholesale and retail connections/arrangements (these relationships collectively, Catalanos ocean-to-plate network). 

Catalano Seafood currently has over 80 employees in Western Australia and one distribution manager in Victoria. The Company has approximately 60 WA-based key customers and an undocumented distribution arrangement via Metcash, the franchisor of the IGA independent supermarket group. 

The Company primarily operates in the processing wholesale and retail markets in Australia. The Company is now well positioned in the WA seafood market to leverage its existing ocean-to-plate network and expand its operations across Australia, specifically through upgrade of its Processing Facility and roll out of its Seafood Management Solution.

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