Clarity Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX:CU6)

Dr Colin Biggin
Market Cap (AUD): 74.64M
Sector: Health Care
Last Trade (AUD): 0.405 -0.01 (-2.41%)
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1. About

Clarity Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX:CU6) is a clinical stage radiopharmaceutical company developing next-generation theranostic (therapy and imaging) products, based on its platform SAR Technology. 

The SAR Technology is ideally suited for use with copper isotopes, enabling superior imaging and therapeutic characteristics of radiopharmaceutical products and addressing the current manufacturing and logistical limitations in the growth of the radiopharmaceutical sector in oncology.

Clarity Pharmaceuticals has a range of products in clinical development, all based on the copper isotope theranostic pairing of Cu-64 and Cu-67. 

The Company's pipeline covers large indications with significant market opportunities such as prostate and breast cancer, as well as rare and orphan cancer indications, such as neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer.

The SAR Technology platform has broad and defensible IP protection that encompasses a wide range of targeting molecules to expand Claritys development pipeline.

Claritys lead products in clinical development are SARTATETM, SAR-bisPSMA and SAR-Bombesin. 

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