Dalrymple Bay Infrastructure Limited (ASX:DBI)

Anthony Timbrell
Market Cap (AUD): 1.03B
Sector: Industrials
Last Trade (AUD): 2.07 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Dalrymple Bay Infrastructure Limited (ASX:DBI) through its foundation asset, the Dalrymple Bay Terminal (DBT), aims to provide safe and efficient port infrastructure and services for producers and consumers of high quality Australian coal exports.

DBT is the world’s largest metallurgical coal export facility and serves as a global gateway from the Bowen Basin. It is a critical link in the global steelmaking supply chain.

DBI’s strategy is to:

  • deliver an attractive yield for Securityholders via distributions underpinned by stable and predictable cash flows;
  • maintain and enhance relationships with stakeholders across the supply chain including customers, regulators, government and the communities in which it operates;
  • if approved by the regulator, manage a smooth transition to a light handed regulatory framework;
  • support the expected growth in metallurgical coal exports from the central Bowen Basin through delivering capacity expansion at DBT;
  • explore long-term growth options, including further expansion of DBT capacity and other infrastructure opportunities; and
  • focus on long term sustainability of operations in line with the UN Sustainability Goals by recognising the important role DBT plays in the environment, with its employees and within the community.

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