DGR Global (ASX:DGR)

Nick Mather
Market Cap (AUD): 60.53M
Sector: Materials
Last Trade (AUD): 0.057 +-0 (+-1.72%)
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1. About

DGR Global Limited (ASX:DGR) is not just another resources company. DGR Global is a resource company creator.  

The company's project generation, strategic tenure acquisition, corporate development and investment capabilities provide diversity across several different commodities, sovereign jurisdictions and international financial exchanges. With the group of talented geoscientists, focus is on identifying and securing projects that will yield valuable world-class resource assets.

The world has seven billion people, four billion of them are still urbanising and we are all heading toward electrification. The world needs to find more gas, copper and lithium.

DGR is focussed on an inter-generational, global search for tier one resource projects that will address booming global demand for these commodities. In addition to the current publicly listed creations, DGR has a number of pipeline projects which are still in early exploration phases - more information.

DGR has also secured the majority interest (83.18%) in Armour Uganda, which owns a highly prospective oil investment in the Kanywataba Block in the Albertine Graben, Uganda. 

DGR’s five strategic publicly listed creations cover a wide range of heavily demanded commodities such as copper, gold, lithium, cobalt, nickel, tin, oil, gas, iron ore and bauxite. These companies were all created, seeded and floated by DGR. They are:


Armour Energy (ASX:AJQ)

Dark Horse Resources

Aus Tin Mining (ASX:ANW)

IronRidge Resouces

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