Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited (ASX:DMP)

Don Meij
Market Cap (AUD): 6.17B
Sector: Consumer Discretionary
Last Trade (AUD): 71.93 +0.7 (+0.97%)
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1. About

Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited (ASX:DMP) is the largest pizza chain in Australia in terms of both network store numbers and network sales. It is also the largest franchisee for the Domino's Pizza brand in the world.

Domino's holds the exclusive master franchise rights for the Domino's brand and network in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Japan, and Germany. 

The Domino's brand is owned by Domino's Pizza, Inc, a listed US company. Domino's Pizza Enterprises now extends across seven countries, with more than 2,200 stores and is the leading international Domino's franchisee.

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