Dragonfly Biosciences Limited (ASX:DRF)

Regan Saveall
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1. About

Dragonfly Biosciences Limited (ASX:DRF) is a premium producer and retailer of cannabidiol (CBD) oil. 

With an extensive R&D program, the Company aims to produce products of the highest quality by controlling the process from seed to sale. Dragonfly currently offers a range of CBD health and lifestyle products.

Dragonfly aims to expand its business and product range in line with legislative changes in Europe, the USA and Australia. As demand grows for CBD health supplements, Dragonfly seeks to be the producer and supplier of CBD for both businesses and consumers.

Dragonflys products are tested in third-party laboratories, as well as implementing its own testing regime to ensure consistency and quality across the board with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Its product line is standardised to contain specific quantities of cannabinoids including, CBD, CBD-a and CBG.

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