Diverger Limited (ASX:DVR)

Nathan Jacobsen
Market Cap (AUD): 30.47M
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 0.81 +0 (+0%)
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Easton Investments Limited (ASX:EAS) is a provider of integrated accounting and wealth solutions to the Australian market.

Easton provides support services and solutions to accounting practices, financial planners and licensed advisers and their clients. The company is ranked in the top 10 dealer (financial planning) groups in Australia by the number of advisers.

Accounting support services include a technical, on-line help desk, training and professional development and practice support. Knowledge Shop and Tax Banter, Easton subsidiaries, are both well established brands in the accounting sector. Wealth support services (for accountants and financial planners) include a wide range of dealer services extending from basic licensing to client engagement tools, coaching and training and on-line investment and platform services.

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