East 33 Limited (ASX:E33)

Mark Nagy
Executive Director
Market Cap (AUD): 16.41M
Sector: Consumer Staples
Last Trade (AUD): 0.063 +0 (+3.28%)
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1. About

East 33 Limited (ASX:E33) is dedicated to pioneering the worlds best oyster culture, by empowering the people behind it, caring for the places that support it, and delivering moments to be savoured.

The East 33 Group is one of Australias largest producers and suppliers of premium Sydney Rock Oysters (SROs). Based in the Great Lakes area of New South Wales mid-north coast, The East 33 Group operates a vertically integrated business that ensures the highest quality product from nursery to plate.

The East 33 Group integrates some of the very best producers of the world-renowned Sydney Rock Oyster to combine more than 130 years and multiple generations of farming experience with best-practice business operations and the latest in aquaculture technology.

The Sydney Rock Oyster is Australias prestige native oyster and naturally thrives in less than 30 locations on the east coast of Australia. These pristine waterways and undisputed provenance make the SRO a highly unique and exceptionally rare product, with an estimated one SRO being produced for every 36,000 oysters grown globally.

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of East 33s business, employing world-class sustainability practices and actively seeking to collaborate with government, industry and the communities where it farms.

East 33 understands and cherishes the deep roots in the Great Lakes region, with many of our farmers being multi-generational leaders in the oyster industry as well as the local community.

East 33 is proud to play a key role in showcasing the incredible diversity, exceptional characteristics and extraordinary history of this uniquely-Australian product to the world.

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