The Environmental Group Limited (ASX:EGL)

Jason Dixon
Market Cap (AUD): 50.92M
Sector: Industrials
Last Trade (AUD): 0.2 +0.04 (+21.21%)
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1. About

The Environmental Group Limited (ASX:EGL) is committed to protecting the environment by improving air quality, reducing carbon emissions, enhancing waste treatmentand lifting water quality.

EGL has 5 divisions:

Total Air Pollution Control

Total Air Pollution Control has a range of technologies which reduce dust, odours and harmful gasses in the environment


Baltec IES produces inlet and exhaust systems for gas turbines, which are used to complement and augment solar and wind energy production, without the use of rare mineral battery resources

Tomlinson Energy Service

Tomlinson Energy Service provides 24/7 service, maintenance and repairs of both proprietary equipment and other OEM equipment. The division also provides an essential link in the Company's strategy to build a bio/waste to energy platform

EGL Water

The Water division continues to develop EGL's patented technologies in conjunction with Victoria University. EGL recognises water as one of the world’s most valuable assets and its focused on reducing water pollution through low-cost technology solutions

EGL Waste Services

EGL Waste Services provides the sales and services platform for the exclusive Turmec Agency agreement in Australia. Turmec are specialists in recycling solutions for the global waste industry, providing bespoke systems that enable customers to efficiently recover high-quality material from waste, reducing the need for landfills.

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