Echo IQ Limited (ASX:EIQ)

Andrew Grover
Executive Chairman
Market Cap (AUD): 60.2M
Sector: Information Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 0.14 +0 (+0%)
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Houston We Have Limited (ASX:HWH) is focused on problem resolution where risks need to be assessed and mitigated. The company's software offering includes data-driven modules to address fraud, compliance and insurance claims.  Industries include defence and national security, insurance, climate, space, financial services and health.

The team provides consulting and software to help its clients enhance decision making by identifying and solving their problems: Houston We Have software that gives humans the ability to predict the future at speed and without bias utilising Bayesian Reasoning and Subjective Logic wrapped in patented prescriptive Augmented Intelligence.

Houston We Have Patented Software first developed for the Australian Defence Intelligence Organisation.  Australian Defence is still the company's most significant customer relationship.

Houston We Have Joint Ventures where its augmented intelligence is embraced within several businesses. This currently includes: Credit Risk Assessment in a lending marketplace; predicting customer behaviour and decisions for enterprise organisations; risk assessment for start-up and early-stage investments.

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