ELMO Software Limited (ASX:ELO)

Danny Lessem
Market Cap (AUD): 496.97M
Sector: Information Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 5.58 +0.01 (+0.18%)
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1. About

ELMO (ASX:ELO) is Australia and New Zealand’s only integrated cloud HR, payroll and rostering / time & attendance solution. The company provides innovative cloud HR, payroll and rostering / time & attendance technology to more than 1400 organisations across APAC, helping them to manage, engage, and inspire their people. The company's innovative solutions are at the forefront of a disruptive technology industry, driven by the transition of organisations towards online systems which automate processes and aggregate information in new and intelligent ways.

ELMO’s suite of HR, payroll and rostering / time & attendance solutions can be used together or stand-alone, and are configurable according to an organisation’s processes and workflows. The ELMO solution allows organisations to manage their HR and payroll processes within one simple platform, with a single dashboard and reporting suite.

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