Electro Optic Systems Holdings Limited (ASX:EOS)

Dr Andreas Schwer
Market Cap (AUD): 163.58M
Sector: Industrials
Last Trade (AUD): 1 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Electro Optic Systems Holdings Limited (ASX:EOS) is a leading Australian technology company operating in the space and defence markets. Its products incorporate advanced electro-optic applications based on EOS core technologies in software, laser, electronics, optronics, gimbals, telescopes and beam directors, and precision mechanisms.

Formed in 1983 the EOS Group of companies became a publicly-traded company on the ASX in 2002. In 2005 EOS formed a strategic alliance with Northrop Grumman (USA) for the further exploitation of common technologies in the space and military sectors.

EOS operates two research centres in Australia and has significant production facilities in both Australia and the United States. The Company also has a production support depot in Singapore and offices in Alabama, Arizona, Abu Dhabi and Germany.

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