Fineos Corporation Holdings (ASX:FCL)

Michael Kelly
Market Cap (AUD): 533.37M
Sector: Information Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 1.6 -0.07 (-4.19%)
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1. About

FINEOS Corporation Holdings PLC (ASX:FCL) is a global software company providing modern, customer-centric core software to the life, accident and health industry.

The Company helps its customers move on from outdated legacy administration systems to its modern customer-centric core product-suite, FINEOS AdminSuite for Billing, Claims, Absence and Policy Administration, enabling improved operational efficiency, increased effectiveness and excellent customer care.

FINEOS AdminSuite is designed to manage the modern complex structures and relationships of group and individual insurance processing to optimise plan, coverage and data management, operational processing, and business intelligence (BI).

FINEOS AdminSuite can be implemented as a full policy administration system in a single phase or as a multi-phased component product solution, whereby the FINEOS Claims, Billing and Absence components can be implemented and integrated with existing policy administration systems initially before a complete implementation of FINEOS AdminSuite to replace existing policy administration systems takes place. This multi-phased component implementation approach enables fast solution deployment in areas of most critical business priority to deliver early value before full policy replacement takes place.

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