Freelancer Limited (ASX:FLN)

Matt Barrie
CEO & Chairman
Market Cap (AUD): 144.29M
Sector: Industrials
Last Trade (AUD): 0.315 +-0 (+-1.56%)
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1. About

Freelancer Limited (ASX:FLN) owns and operates, the worlds largest freelancing and crowd sourcing marketplace by total number of users and projects posted.

More than 50 million registered users have posted over 19 million projects and contests to date in over 1,800 areas as diverse as website development, logo design, marketing, copywriting, astrophysics, aerospace engineering and manufacturing.

Freelancer owns, the leading provider of secure online payments and online transaction management for consumers and businesses on the Internet with over US$4.5billion in transactions secured. Freelancer also owns Freightlancer, a global enterprise freight marketplace.

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