23 Nov

Results of Meeting

ABN: 24 610 035 535 A: Suite 20, 513 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008 | P: +61 8 6245 9818 | E: admin@firebirdmetals.com.au | W: www.firebirdmetals.com.au ASX / MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENT 23 / 11 /2021 AGM RESULTS T he 2021 Annual General Meeting of Firebird Metals Limited ( ASX: FRB , “ Firebird ” or “ the Company ”) was held on 23 November 2021 at 10.30 am (AWST) at 513 Hay Street, Subiaco. A ll resolutions voted on were in accordance with the Notice of General Meeting previously released to the ASX and ma de available to shareholders. All resolutions were passed on a poll . Authorised for release by Alex Neuling, Company Secretary . - ENDS - 8ZcUæ_cebW_åCb_hèI_dWc :ZbWTZbV@Wdçæc?Z]ZdWV 5^^eçæéW^Wbçæ@WWdZ^X GeWcVçè &'A_fW]TWb&$&%  <^çUU_bVç^UWgZdYcWUdZ_^&)%55_ådYW7_b`_bçdZ_^c5Ud&$$% dYWå_ææ_gZ^XZ^å_b]çdZ_^Zc`b_fZVWVZ^bWæçdZ_^d_bWc_æedZ_^c`edd_]W]TWbcçddYW]WWdZ^X" 5ed_]ZU éCB6_h)%-' FèV^Wè AFJ&$$% C%'$$&,,**(çec_b*%$&-*-,)(%(g_bæV :*%$&,),''$($9 YWææ_4çed_]ZU"U_]"çe 56A&+%)&&*$,%( Cb_hèI_dWc C_ææEWceædcZåç``æZUçTæW EWc_æedZ_^ 8WUZVWVTè FY_g_å ;ç^VcF _bC_ææC G_dçæAe]TWb _åCb_hèI_dWc WhWbUZcçTæWTè `b_hZWcfçæZVæè ç``_Z^dWV :BE 5é5
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