Firebrick Pharma Limited (ASX:FRE)

Peter Molloy
Executive Chairman
Market Cap (AUD): 29.71M
Sector: Health Care
Last Trade (AUD): 0.265 -0.01 (-5.36%)
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1. About

Firebrick Pharma Limited (ASX:FRE) is an Australian pharmaceutical developer with the mission to develop a nasal spray that kills all the germs (viruses or bacteria) responsible for respiratory infections, such as the common cold. 

Founded in 2012 by Dr Peter Molloy and Dr Stephen Goodall, after nearly 10 years of development and testing, Firebrick Pharma's first product is now in the final stages of development and is called Nasodine Nasal Spray.

Nasodine Nasal Spray contains the broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent, povidone-iodine. In clinical studies, Nasodine has been shown to be well-tolerated as a four-times-daily nasal spray. Patents have been filed worldwide on its use as a treatment and preventative for the common cold.

If approved, Nasodine will be a first-in-class nasal spray medicine that targets the cause of colds, where they start in the nose.

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