01 Nov 2021

New Helium Business Unit in China

Helios Energy Ltd ASX Code: HE8 Directors Hui Ye Non-Executive Chairman Richard He Managing Director Robert Bearden Non-Executive Director Nicholas Ong Non-Executive Director John Palermo Company Secretary Contact Details Australian Office Level 3, 18 Richardson Street West Perth WA 6005 Australia PO Box 1485 West Perth WA Australia 6872 Tel +61 1300 291 195 Fax +61 8 6298 6191 USA Office 3 Riverway, 17 th Floor Suite 1750, Houston Texas USA 77056 Tel +1 713 333 3613 Fax +1 713 583 0965 www.heliosenergyltd.com 1 November 2021 Helium Business Unit Helium Business – China Helios Energy Ltd (ASX Codes: HE8, HE8OA) ( Helios or Company ) is pleased to announce the commencement of a new helium business unit in China. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Helios Energy China Ltd, Helios has entered into a boil-off gas ( BOG ) helium extraction joint venture with Chinese domestic liquefied natural gas ( LNG ) company, Ordos Xingxing Energy Limited Company ( Ordos Xingxing ), located in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, China. Under the helium extraction joint venture agreement, Ordos Xingxing will provide all land, all BOG feed gas and all associated utilities for the helium extraction joint venture. Helios will construct at a cost of approximately US$3.0m, a new, leading edge helium gas extraction module immediately adjacent to one of Ordos Xingxing’s LNG plants located in Inner Mongolia, China. As the operator and owner of the helium gas extraction plant, Helios will produce industrial grade liquid helium and own 100% of the liquid helium produced and sold. Helios expects the annual helium gas output from this dedicated module to be approximately 100,000 Nm³ per year once the helium extraction module is running at full capacity. Helios will be one of the first companies to commercially extract material quantities of BOG helium in China, liquefy it and then sell it to domestic Chinese customers. Helios considers this helium extraction joint venture with Ordos Xingxing to be the first step in the development of its helium business unit. At full capacity from this dedicated module, Helios expects liquid helium sales to be approximately US$3.1m per annum. Helium’s Characteristics and Uses Helium is a noble gas. Helium is rare on earth and unevenly distributed. Helium’s physical characteristics determine its usage in many fields such as cryogenic superconductivity, cryogenic cooling, thermometry, leak detection, shielding gas, carrier gas and other uses. Helios Energy Ltd 1 November 2021 Demand and Supply of Helium in China The USA is the world's largest helium customer and producer. China is the 2nd largest helium consumer and accounts for more than 10% of global demand for helium. Helium resources are scarce in China and approximately 95% of all helium used in China is imported. Helios' use of unique and leading edge helium extraction and liquification technology provides a cost effective and reliable way to produce liquid helium. The joint venture with Ordos Xingxing aims to cheaply extract, liquify and profitably sell high quality helium to domestic Chinese customers. For further information, please contact: Richard He Managing Director

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