25 Nov 2021

Update - Seismic Agreement with Chevron

Helios Energy Ltd ASX Code: HE8 Directors Hui Ye Non - Executive Chairman Richard He Managing Director Robert Bearden Non - Executive Director Nicholas Ong Non - Executive Director John Palermo Company Secretary Contact Details Australian Office Level 3, 18 Richardson Street West Perth WA 6005 Australia PO Box 1485 West Perth WA Australia 6872 Tel +61 1300 291 195 Fax +61 8 6298 6191 USA Office 3 Riverway, 17 th Floor Suite 17 5 0, Houston Texas USA 77056 Tel +1 713 333 3613 Fax +1 713 583 0965 www.heliosenergyltd.com 25 November 2021 20182018 ust 2018 Update - Seismic Agreement with Chevron Presidio Oil Project – 4 th Well As announced on Monday 23 November Helios Energy Ltd (ASX Codes: HE8, HE8OA) ( Helios or Company ) has concluded an agreement with oil major Chevron regarding the acquisition of new seismic in Presidio County over oil and gas acreage owned by Chevron in south - west Presidio County, Texas ( Agreement ) . Helios, at its sole cost, which H elios expects will be no more than US$ 3 00,000, will undertake t he works required to acquire the seismic and under the terms of the A greement the seismic data will be shared with Chevron. The A greement covers an area of 20 square miles (12,800 acres) in south - west Presidio County, Texas, USA. The term of the Agreement ends on the earlier of (a) the completion of Helios’ seismic works on Chevron’s oil and gas acreage; (b) written notice from Chevron to Helios of termination; or (c) 6 June 2023. Richard He Managing Director
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