Haemokinesis Limited (ASX:HKX)

Jim Manolios
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1. About

Haemokinesis Limited (ASX:HKX) delivers advanced blood diagnostic and testing technology that's safe, fast, accurate and reliable. 

The Company is solving the challenges of point-of-care (POC) / point-of-trauma (POT) blood diagnostics and the limitations of existing human blood group (immunohaematology) testing in hospitals and blood banks.

Haemokinesis accelerates and simplifies in-vitro diagnostic testing and analysis for medical professionals in order to improve patient outcomes and help save lives. The Company is committed to removing the barriers of access to the basic elements of healthcare around the world. 

Haemokinesis provides safe and timely blood group testing as a fundamental requirement of a healthcare system and innovative point-of-care solutions in emergency medicine, the Company’s vision is to ensure anyone, anywhere has access to vital diagnostic technology.

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