26 Nov

Becoming a substantial holder

HT&E Limited (ASX:HT1)
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Facalmile To Fax Company Funds Management Com Iny Annctinrx m 111 Ofirn From 1300 136638 pig„ Auntalimn Securities Exohellge Dail HT&E Ummad Please lind *ched a Fom 603 - Notice of hltial Substar,1lal Shareholder Kltid nuillhs 0"16'dion Anal,=t C.,Im Ja,*Bon 3 28 Novumber 2021 Ciliti Funcli IIi, Uillid 1,08114,18 c:KI,kwo h trott. ay*to, NSW2000, GPC) aa 4200, 8,619 NSW2001 T 0 2 1210 1800 F 0 2 0 01000 E ·.,' "r.. '.' M J: -· „ N.7/.....B To: ACN: Notice of InIUal substantliil holder HTRE Umllpd 008 637 643 1- Detilk, of Su Antlal holdir Name Celeste fin Mmagement United NCH 098 628 605 Tho Holder bocamc a sub*aritlal holdor on: 24 Novcmbcr 2021 1 Datalb of Voting Pmvs and relevant Ints=m FaM 603 Corporations Law So on 871 B Thattitai numbs of votas attached ball the vot g sharesln the-mpany that the holder had a relewint In rest In on the dam the holder became a suh*ant:al holder are as 1bllows: ass gr .aM= Number of Sea¤*= Ordinary 13,905,732 3. Delll of relevag Inelle,m pergoni Vgti 13,905,732 Vdq PIA,Ii The nehire of the relevant Interest the stlbstarrtial holder or an amodatp had hi the folio#Ing voting sealloes on the dabe the holder became a substantial holder are as fb80,45: 5.05% Heider of rul,vid Reglar,d Per,on N lu of Number of Pition" Intereet holder of enllved lo rele,lit Inlnflt secumles vo s ----- - -J=- 3= Celeete Fulds Management on behalf Of Itg olents 13,905,732 13,905,732 1 4. r, ... an, The mn*leration paid for each relemnt Inbel# refs,ul to In Ilatagradi 3 abovc, and acqulrd In the foo morrtl-= Flor to the day that the holcky bec=na a substantkal holder ks as fbllows: Dib of cha,ige 24/07/21- 24/11/21 person *0 e relevant in res changed Natum of Conalde,ation Class and namberof 61=nge In relion to securities a#ct# change Ccleta Fawds Nat miu-ket price Management plrchases Umlted 763,316 S. Add m The adciesses or persons named In this folm arc: Addre= - C*ste funds Maiagomont Umltrd L.£,vel 14, 15 Castismoh Street, Sydney NSW 2000 51gnabire: am Jadmon r I paclty: Date: 26 Nov fiibcr 2021 Parson'B VOIBB 763,316 --- 2

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