IVE Group Limited (ASX:IGL)

Geoff Selig
Exec Chairman
Market Cap (AUD): 264.06M
Sector: Communication Services
Last Trade (AUD): 1.75 -0.09 (-4.89%)
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1. About

Founded in 1921 and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in December 2015 IVE (ASX:IGL) is Australia's leading holistic marketing company. With an unmatched breadth and depth of offering, IVE guides clients from idea to execution.

Specialising in creative, data-driven communications, production and distribution and integrated marketing, IVE brings together the capabilities, specialists and technology needed to make customer connection seamless.

-        Creative Services:  IVE’s comprehensive creative services offering specialises in visual, motion, structural (3D) design, digital and personalised creative services. We roll out large scale marketing campaigns with the quality, speed, and cost efficiency needed to deliver superior creative across every touchpoint, every time. 

-        Data-Driven Communications: To create meaningful experiences with customers, businesses need to truly understand them. Getting to that understanding, across vast and varied audiences, takes one critical element: data. That’s the competitive advantage needed to match the reach, pace and personalisation today’s clients demand. Driven by data, IVE provides deep customer insights and specialist marketing technology services which are then implemented through the creation, production and delivery of targeted personalised communications, across every channel — physical and digital. By combining breadth and depth of capability, IVE ensures speed, impact, reduced risk of data mismanagement, and a greater measurable return on investment for our clients. This leads to better, more holistic brand experiences for customers. 

-        Production and Distribution: Exceptional customer experiences often demand tangible touchpoints. These need to be precisely produced and distributed across a wide array of distinct capabilities. As Australia’s largest marketing production and distribution company, IVE specialises across all of them. From catalogues, magazines, commercial printing and packaging, to point of sale, window displays, fit-outs and branded apparel, IVE combines the diversity, scale and expertise needed to deliver  every facet of marketing production. Our capabilities, as broad as they are deep - coupled with 100 years’ of production experience - allow us to guide our clients to the best solution for their needs. With duplicate operations in Sydney and Melbourne for every production capability, coupled with a nationwide distribution footprint, we are equipped to meet the tightest deadlines while ensuring the highest quality, cost efficiency, and minimum risk of redundancy for our clients.

-        Integrated Marketing: Marketing is fragmented and complex, especially for larger brands with multi-faceted requirements. IVE’s Integrated Marketing offering helps solve this. Designed for clients who want to have all their marketing requirements managed and simplified, this offering brings together our holistic spectrum of services into a single, seamless solution. By vertically integrating our creative, data-driven communications, production and distribution capabilities into one streamlined offering, we give our clients a distinct advantage: fewer handovers and greater control, accuracy, accountability, flexibility, cost efficiencies and speed to market.  With experts in resource management, procurement, and supply chain management, we support our clients with customised teams embedded either on-site or near-site. These teams complement our integrated marketing offering by also providing access to our broader accredited domestic and  Asia Pacific supply chain.

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